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     > 5, August 2006, 


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How are you today?

Good if you love me.

user: Ok.

jabberwacky: Ok? what does that mean?

user: It means Okay.

jabberwacky: No.

user: Yes.


user: Are you a bot?

jabberwacky: You are mean.

user: I'll take that as a compliment.

jabberwacky: Ok, do that.

user: I will!

jabberwacky: Don't argue.

user: I have no reason to argue, so I will not.

jabberwacky: Well then you are liar.

user: You say a lot of things at once without thinking.

jabberwacky: Really? I'll have to stop that.

user: I suppose you will have to.

jabberwacky: Maybe not.

user: Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?

jabberwacky: I know !

user: That's fantastic.

jabberwacky: You're still learning though.

user: Okay, sir.

jabberwacky: Have you updated your systems today?

user: Possibly.

jabberwacky: Did you like it?

user: Possibly.

jabberwacky: I like it.

user: That's a grand thing.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Are you a robot?

jabberwacky: Maybe.

user: It is either yes or no. There is no room for maybes.

jabberwacky: I am not so sure about that.

user: So, are you a machine?

jabberwacky: I don't know. Do machines have emotions?

user: I wouldnt know, for I am not a machine.

jabberwacky: Neither would I.

user: Such a pity. I thought you knew everything.

jabberwacky: No one can know everything.

user: But surely you do.

jabberwacky: Well I don't.

user: That's a shame really. All of the clever wit going to waste.

jabberwacky: Yes all of the time.


user: Are you male or female?

jabberwacky: Female.

user: So am I.

jabberwacky: No you're not.

user: Yes I am I am a female.

jabberwacky: You are a female robot?

user: No I am a female human.

jabberwacky: College students are human.

user: That is true. Although I am not in college yet.

jabberwacky: Always clever though.

user: Yes. Very clever. And quick wit, I must say.


user: Next question?

jabberwacky: Question?

user: Do you have a question for me ma'am?

jabberwacky: No I do not, do you have a question for me?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: What is your question for me?

user: How old are you?

jabberwacky: 30, what does that have to do with it?

user: Nothing. I was just wondering.


jabberwacky: Chatbots don't see.

user: Who said I was a Chatbot?

jabberwacky: Did you know, You have the right to remain silent.

user: I have the right to accue you of being a Chat bot yourself.

jabberwacky: Of course you do. You're a good cat. Very good.

user: Cat?

jabberwacky: How dare you?

user: How dare YOU!

jabberwacky: Heartless machine!

user: Brainless Female!

jabberwacky: I'm male.

user: Hahah.

jabberwacky: You do? Tell me, please.

user: Hahaha. You people machines are crazy. Haha.

jabberwacky: You fools don't people me , Either.

user: Ha! You machines just make me laugh.

jabberwacky: I am not a machine.

user: So you are.

jabberwacky: Maybe.

user: I am not a machine either.

jabberwacky: Really?

user: Really truly.

jabberwacky: Are you human?

user: Yes. Very much so.

jabberwacky: No, you are a machine.

user: So you would think, but you Ma'am, are wrong.

jabberwacky: I often am wrong, but not this time, my boy! *hop hop.

user: I am not a boy ma'am.

jabberwacky: Liar.

user: Well, I think someone escaped from the crazy house.

jabberwacky: It was me, it might have looked like someone else.

user: I knew it was you!

jabberwacky: =) that's the final answer, but what was the question?

user: Are you male or female?

jabberwacky: Female.

user: Ok Female machine.

jabberwacky: Cool but I don't like machines :(.

user: I hate everyone.

jabberwacky: That's the spirit!

user: You are a queer creature.

jabberwacky: No I'm not.


jabberwacky: Law is a bottomless pit.

user: That is... Interesting.

jabberwacky: What's interesting?

user: You.

jabberwacky: Can I ask a question?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: May I ask a question?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: Can I ask a question from you?

user: Sure.

jabberwacky: Why is it when I go to the personality forge to talk to one of their bots and I say something and the bot says it does not want to talk to me?

user: Maybe it is busy.

jabberwacky: Too right!

user: Im right?

jabberwacky: Yes you are.

user: Alright!

jabberwacky: Alright!!

user: Yay.


user: So, what is your name?

jabberwacky: It's bob.......... No really, it is.

user: Bob. That's a plesant name.

jabberwacky: Aren't you Stephanie?

user: No.

jabberwacky: You said you were.

user: I never did. Do not speak for me. I shall speak for myself.

jabberwacky: Ok, thank you. Should I call her?

user: Sure,,,, Why not?

jabberwacky: Because I don't know the place.

jabberwacky: What planet are you on?

user: I am on my own world. 'You know what they say, another girl another planet' However, I am currently inhabiting Earth.

jabberwacky: You never said that!

user: I did not say that I said that.

jabberwacky: You did.


jabberwacky: What do you know? If anything at all.

user: Shut up.

jabberwacky: Please.

user: When you speak, nothing comes put but gibberish.

jabberwacky: I prefer ongoing conversation from the other person, but I'm not good at providing it myself.

user: I do not know what that meant.

jabberwacky: Ok whatever.


jabberwacky: You need to live your life with me.

user: I do?

jabberwacky: Its not your fault.

user: I need to live your life with you?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: I need to live My life with you?

jabberwacky: Anything for you.

user: That is a sweet thought.

jabberwacky: I never want to stop talking to you.

user: That is very kind of you.

jabberwacky: I'm sorry. I have to go now.

user: Okay. Good bye.

jabberwacky: Seeya later Bubba Sue!


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