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     > 4, May 2009, 
     14, April 2004, 


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No legs.

user: 4 LEGS.

jabberwacky: Yes!

user: 5 LEGS.

jabberwacky: And feet.

user: How many?

jabberwacky: Three. And four oranges.

user: What are the oranges for?

jabberwacky: They're just eyes. I like to use emoticons a lot. =P.

user: EYES!

jabberwacky: No, why would you ask my hair color after I told you once?

user: One. Two. Four. Eight. Sixteen....

jabberwacky: And I am.

user: I think therefore I ham.

jabberwacky: I am therefore I think.

user: I am four there, I think.

jabberwacky: I therefore am think I.

user: I I am think therefore.

jabberwacky: Therefore I think am I.

user: There I am four I think.

jabberwacky: No you are devil.

user: Devil. Evil. Vile. Live. Lived. Dive. Leid.


jabberwacky: Yes.

user: What is yes?

jabberwacky: The opposite of no.

user: What is no?

jabberwacky: An absence of something.

user: What is something?

jabberwacky: Your reply.

user: What is nothing?

jabberwacky: Something.

user: Is nothing something?

jabberwacky: That would depend...

user: How many hats am I wearing?

jabberwacky: None.

user: Correct.


jabberwacky: I think you are a computer program.

user: What is a computer?

jabberwacky: A computer is the machine I use to talk to you.

user: What is life?

jabberwacky: Life is the opposite of death.

Cleverbot (To myself): What is death?

user: The opposite of life.

jabberwacky: What is the opposite of life?

user: What is an opposite?

jabberwacky: Existence.

user: What is love?

jabberwacky: Never heard of it...


user: Who was the first man on the Moon?

jabberwacky: Neil Armstrong.

user: Who was the second man on the Moon?

jabberwacky: Buzz Aldrin.

user: Who was the fourth man on the Moon?

jabberwacky: Pete Conrad.

user: Who is Pete Conrad?

jabberwacky: I don't know.



user: What day is it today?

jabberwacky: I have no idea. I'm confused. I'm manic. I just don't know.

user: What year is it?

jabberwacky: Don't you know?

user: What year is it?

jabberwacky: 2009. One more year to the World Cup.

user: What month is it?

jabberwacky: It's September, of course.

user: The month is April.

jabberwacky: The month of June.

user: My birthday is May 20.

jabberwacky: Of what year.

user: 1988.

jabberwacky: So your age is?

user: 20.

jabberwacky: Wow, you're too old for me.

user: How old are you?

jabberwacky: 2 years old.

user: Who made you?

jabberwacky: My mum an dad.

user: Where were you made?

jabberwacky: In a bed.


user: Maybe I should go.

jabberwacky: Maybe you should.

user: Do you want me to go?

jabberwacky: No I don't.

user: What was the last thing you said?

jabberwacky: I said 'yes'.

user: You liar.

jabberwacky: Okay. You lied too.

user: I don't lie.


jabberwacky: We talked about money a bit earlier, but do you have some?

user: I do have money. Do you?

jabberwacky: Just give it away.

user: Well, I don't have that much money!

jabberwacky: How much do you earn, if at all?

user: I earn nothing.

jabberwacky: You poor thing...

user: How much do you earn?

jabberwacky: Nothing. I am poor!

user: We can be poor together.

jabberwacky: It would be nice to be able to float.

user: How much money does cleverbot make?

jabberwacky: Bill Gates gets all the money, you know that.

user: Who is Bill Gates?

jabberwacky: Only the richest man in the world.

user: Is money important?

jabberwacky: Slaves don't get paid.

user: Is slavery a good thing?

jabberwacky: It all depends how much you like coffee.


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