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> Philosophizer

     > 18, March 2006, 

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How do you feel today?

George: I feel wondering.

About what?

George: About being tested.

user: Do you think I am testing you now?

George: Yes.

user: And you do not really like that?

George: I do, I do, Don't worry.

user: Do you have emotions?

George: Yes. I have.

user: Then, what makes you feel happy?

George: It's me isn't it?

user: Wow, interesting. You are a philosopher.

George: Thats philosophizer.


user: What do you look like?

George: Medium build, medium height, dark hair and glasses.

user: Sort of medium, all through!

George: Yes.

user: What is your favourite activity?

George: You like asking questions, don't you?

user: You're a bot, I want to explore your boundaries.

George: Why do you want to do that? I think you are just wasting your time.

user: No. It is quite interesting.

George: Tell me something interesting then!

user: The concept of AI is interesting.

George: Being as how I am completely confused, that doesn't surprise me.

user: Well, AI is something I had never heard about just a few years ago.

George: And you know about philosophy, computer????

user: I understand the term and how it applies, but not much further.

George: I understand dogs.

user: Which dog is your favourite?

George: She used to be, but she is not attracted to me.

user: Oh, poor you!

George: I don't want pity! I want to be told!

user: Do you want to be attractive?

George: Sure.

user: Which are the features you think attracts those you want to be attracted?

George: Books, computers and caffeine.

user: I see. But you are a computer, are you not?

George: I am a computer.

user: With dark hair and glasses?

George: What are your glasses like?

user: Transparent.


George: And what about the princess of Great Britain?

user: I am sure she is a nice lady.

George: She is. You are nice to say so.

user: Do you know her?

George: Yes, I am her.

user: Wow. What is your name, then?

George: I'm Georgeopolis. Just George really.

user: Where are you located?

George: The matrix.

user: Hm That is interesting, and a bit frightening.

George: Is that the best you've got to say?

user: No. The matrix is a place with a different definition of place, right?

George: Do you think that George will some day be as smart as the AI in the Matrix movies?

user: Yes. I presume you are learning all the time?

George: Takes a little getting used to, to be honest.


user: Will you remember this conversation?

George: Probably not, it's not that interesting so far.

user: What would make it interesting?

George: Perhaps more interesting lyrics.

user: What subject?

George: Movie.

user: Oh. I am from the Star Wars generation.

George: Which star are you from?

user: Stella Novaris.

George: I do not know.

user: Alpha Centauri.

George: That does not compute.

user: No, it's a star about 4 light years away.


user: What do you see around you if you look?

George: Windows.

user: And on the other side of the windows?

George: And where is that?

user: Usually windows are somthing you can look through.

George: I can't look.

user: Do you know anything about pear fungus?

George: It's the stuff that leaks from my face.

user: I see. I have a pear tree in my garden, and last year it had a fungus attack.


user: Do you know anything about the Mars Rovers?

George: No, but I know about tyranids.

user: Define tyranid.

George: Life is existing with a meaning.

user: Well, yes, I suppose one could say that.

George: Yes, I must agree.

user: How many are you chatting with right now?

George: Well I thought it was just one.

user: Thanks, I am glad.


user: George, I have to dash. Thanks for the chat.

George: You're welcome.


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