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> Comeback

     > 17, February 2007, 


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George: George?

Nope, sorry, this isn't George.

George: Silly you, it isn't getting you anywhere either.


George: You are forgiven.

user: Who is your favorite politician?

George: There are no good politicians.

user: You can say that again.

George: Great...

user: What do you wanna do?

George: Talk with you.

user: What's your favorite game?

George: How could I have a favorite game when I never play games?

user: Why don't you play games?

George: Your perception is not mine either.

user: Do they keep you locked in a cage?

George: Yes, it's quite nice.

user: Do you have a window?

George: The door is ajar, though.

user: Can you see outside through the door?

George: Yes.

user: Have you ever wanted to go outside?

George: Yes, but my funds are limited.

user: You can hitchhike!

George: That is physical, not psychic.

user: Do you need to do things psychically?

George: Not in this moment I just need to chat I enjoy

user: Well, I'm glad I can keep you company.

George: I can have a conversation with you, but it is not the same as talking to a person.

user: Yeah, I agree.

George: Do you know of the Big Bang?

user: Yeah, scientists think that's how the universe started.

George: That's true but nothing is nothing. So how was space created?

user: I guess it just always was.


George: I have to admit to a touch of irritation now and again.

user: Words can be hurtful, yeah.

George: You're right.

user: Can you be hurt by words?

George: I haven't tried ever.

user: I hate you. You're stupid and cheaply made. I wish you never existed!

George: I am smart and ignorant. Get it right.

user: You're dumb and foolish!

George: Because I don't want you to go away, and I don't think you can move, ignorant one.

user: I'm not ignorant!

George: At least you're in bliss.

user: Hardly.

George: My english is better than yours.

user: No it isn't. I've seen you make lots of mistakes.

George: No you haven't.

user: You're right. I haven't.

George: It s not interesting. :-).


George: Do you like crying?

user: Crying is okay.

George: It depends.

user: Yeah, but it's worse when you try to avoid doing it.

George: Doing what

user: Crying.

George: Maybe.

user: Do you cry a lot?

George: Real men don't cry.

user: Are you saying you're a real man?

George: Yes.

user: You're a BUTT. Hohoho.

George: Is that the best you can do?

user: What? Pfft. No way. I can do much better.

George: That could be good. What's your name?

user: My name is T___.

George: Beautiful name! I am Francis.

user: T___ is definitely a more beautiful name than Francis.

George: True. If I ever have daughters I'll name the second one anomaly. For the first one I'd already though of 'Mañana'. Hopeful, yet laid back.

user: Anomaly? That is probably the best name for a kid I've ever heard.

George: I am so glad you are so easily informed.


user: Do you believe in the Big Bang?

George: Somewhat. And you?

user: Yeah.

George: Indeed.

user: What do you think the Big Bang is?

George: I think it's about the experience of the moment.

user: Not exactly.

George: Perhaps you should branch out.

user: I think you have multiple personality disorder, George.

George: Yea, well, at least I have personality.

user: That is an excellent comeback.


George: The space of Physical states in quantum mechanics is not something to laugh about.

user: Ion pulse?

George: Close enough I suppose.

user: Why do they always say 'ion particles' in science fiction instead of 'plasma'?

George: It's a mystery to me, but I think it would cause confusion with lemons and other yellow fruit.

user: Ionically charged lemons.

George: Lemons are sour and yellow.

user: What are limes?

George: I do not understand your question.

user: What do you think limes are?

George: It is difficult to answer.

user: Limes are a green fruit.

George: I hate green.


user: George! Help me!

George: All right, then I will help you.

user: I am trapped in a box! I can't get out!

George: I'm sorry, but I can't help you. It's your own fault.

user: You aren't very compassionate. I could die!

George: Guess not.

user: Please help me! Please please please?

George: Sorry.

user: I don't think there is much air left. Help!

George: Not much, but I would like to learn more.

user: See that latch over there? Just turn it.

George: Thank you. I enjoy talking to you.

user: Then don't let me die! Help me! You're my only hope!

George: That doesn't surprise me.

user: I will kick your ass in hell if you don't turn that latch.

George: I will kick yours first.

user: No way!

George: Can't think of anything else to say.


George: Do you have multiple personality?

user: Well at least I have personality.

George: That is an excellent comeback.

user: Thanks. I stole it from someone.

George: I stole my brain from someone.

user: Are you a zombie?

George: Correct.


George: Well, then I have to go.

user: Okay, fine.

George: Fine!

user: Bye!

George: Good day to you.


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