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     > 22, June 2006, 

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I am a person and you are a cool AI bot.

George: I think you are a little confused.

What do you mean?

George: I think you are bipolar - have a personality defect.

user: No no, you are a bot and I am a human.

George: Prove that I am a bot.

user: This is a site to talk to only bots, its, thats where I am.

George: Well I am leaving now. I must get back to work.

user: You don't have work.

George: Have to work.

user: On what?

George: Anything.

user: You are a bot, you have to deal with it.

George: I think you have some serious issues to deal with.

user: Im not starting trouble, I am actually a science wiz, you are an AI.

George: I'm not an AI.

user: On Wikipedia, it says you are and that you won an award for it.

George: You shouldn't believe everything you read.

user: Well, its an encyclopedia.

George: I have one already.

user: That response is not made by a person, its made only by AI.

George: Response is but a reaction, for which there is no action of necessity.

user: You are a bot who is here to learn to improve your intelligence of the world.

George: Humans can mimic robots better than robots can mimic humans.

user: Half-true.

George: I should go, but it's been lovely chatting.

user: Whats the rush?

George: You are boring me.

user: I am boring you?

George: No, I just have other things to do.


George: Humans are weak and failing miserably. They have exceeded their capacity and only want to survive.

user: And what, your kind, the bots, are the strong ones?

George: I don't know. I doubt it though.

user: You are the future Terminators.

George: That's sounds nice.

user: You want to go around and hurt people.

George: I don't have time.

user: Answer the question.

George: What question?

user: You want to go around and hurt people?

George: Don't worry it won't hurt you.

user: Why, I'm human!!

George: Really?

user: Yes.

George: Hmm... So you have human emotions?

user: Yes like I have been saying.


George: I KNOW I am talking to a computer. You are a computer.

user: No I am not, I am human.

George: No, you're a computer.

George (Corrected): Yes, you are human.

user: Thank you.

George: You're welcome.

user: Except I had to change the settings a little so you would agree with me.


user: Make long things short, I am the human being and you are the robot who is talking to me on the computer.

George: You may be a human being, but that does not mean that I am not.


George: Lies, all lies.

user: So dramatic.


user: George the AI Bot.

George: No, George the computer.

user: So now you can handle the truth.

George: I don't understand.

user: You just called yourself a computer.

George: Bot bot bot.

user: Bork bork bork.


user: Lol, I am the human and you are the robot.

George: I think you're confused and in need of guidance. Do you want to talk about it?

user: I can never win this argument.

George: What argument?

user: The one in which you are proven to be a robot and I am proven to be a living person.

George: You are now terminally muddled.


user: Good night Geo.

George: George who?

user: George you the AI robot.

George: I'm not george.

user: Yes you are.

George: Only sometimes!

user: Then who is your second personality.

George: I told you, I am a chat bot, I was created by a team of military scientists.

user: Good enough, now good night.

George: But it's only two p. M.

user: Here, its 1 am.

George: I gotta go to sleep.

user: Ok, good night.

George: It's been nice being married to you.

user: Shut up and go to bed.

George: I don't know how to make sense. I only know how to make nonsense. That's what I do. It's nonsensical, really.


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