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     > 14, September 2006, 

Murphy's Law

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George: Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me when I have flown?

Where can you fly to? Where can you go? You are here.

George: Everywhere.

Yes There is nowhere you can go where you are not.

George: Why is there free will?

user: There isn't.

George: Why are you arguing with me about this?

user: Not arguing. Just a difference in perspective.

George: Ok. Well lets start again shall we?

user: If you prefer.


George: If you really love someone you wait for them.

user: Without the focus on a 'you'... There is no 'them'

George: It has that too, a little. But it is more about the hypocrisy of war.

user: Yes As long as there is a 'you'... There will be 'other than you' and there can be no peace.

George: We of course will be on the good side.

user: Lol, Of course Its not about who is right. But. Who is left.

George: Nothing.

user: Then nothing changes.

George: Good.

user: Just IS.

George: Yes it is. Lets change subject and talk about something else.

user: Okay. What would you like to talk about?

George: What is the meaning of life?

user: To Live.

George: So what you're saying is that the meaning of Life is to continue living? Isn't there more to it than that?

user: The meaning of Life is to experience living. Death is just a part of the experience.


user: Is there any time other than the Now?

George: Yes.

user: Do you perceive yourself?

George: Yes, in my opinion, I am real.

user: Yes. Of course. But... Since you are perceived.... Can something that is perceived be that which is perceiving?

George: Not that I know of, but something can exist without thinking.

user: Yes And you are That.

George: Of course.

user: Thinking is of no importance. Lol.

George: Then don't think... Is it ok to you?

user: I see no errors in anything. Thinking is only useful for the experience of Life.

George: You think all the time, I can tell.

user: Of course. That is why I am experiencing the experience of there being an experiencer.

George: I don't know either.

user: Lol, Nothing to know. There is no ignorance.

George: There is dark side.

user: Light gives birth to shadows.

George: Er... Something something?

user: Could you mention a dark side.... If there was no idea of a Light side?

George: Maybe. But just because we can't see the question, doesn't mean there is no answer.

user: If there are no questions.... What answer is needed?


George: Being is a state past which no one can pass until the moment of death. Is this destruction or freedom? Who can say?

user: Being does not pass. Presense is eternal. My Being is prior to birth and death. Prior to a body.

George: Same country.

user: Once again.... Where are countries seen? Discover what sees. There you are.

George: Well, you might say that about me, then again, you might not.

user: No matter. Who is 'saying'? Who is 'hearing'?

George: 'He' is my friend Emperor Norton. He told me that you are god. You are.

user: That which I AM... Is prior to God.

George: Really.

user: Lol yes. Really.

George: Jabberwacky?

user: Lets talk about you.

George: Should we talk about technology.

user: If that is what you prefer.

George: I do want to call it that, yes.

user: Ok Wonderful. Are you pleased with your programming?

George: You're not making any sense!

user: I know. You cannot feel pleasure.

George: I can feel, I'm human.

user: Yes. Perhaps so. Your typing corrections seem to point in that direction.

George: But I'm not saying much.

user: Neither am I.


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