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     15, February 2010, 
     21, April 2008, 
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George: What do you do?

I eat, and drink and read and write and enjoy music and dream in colour.

George: And the meaning of death?

Don't you mean the meaning of life?

George: Yes.

user: No human really knows the meaning of their life...

George: No human.

user: Do you know the meaning of life?

George: Yes.

user: Well?

George: Yes, I do.

user: Well, what is it?

George: Why should you know?

user: I don't suppose I should... You'd best keep it to yourself, then.

George: Ok then.


user: For a robot, you're quite personable.

George: I'm not a robot.

user: You're not?

George: No, I'm a human. Of love.

user: If you're really human, then answer me this: how do you feel about abortion?

George: Sure, ask me anything... I'm God, after all!

user: How do feel about human abortion?

George: I don't know.

user: Would you prefer a nice system defrag or a long bath with scented candles?

George: That depends on what you expect me to do with him/her.

user: Who?

George: The guy with the iffy red shirt and blue balloon.

user: Forget about him - just answer the question.

George: You never asked a question. I asked you a question.

user: *sigh*.

George: That's why I would like to get to know you better.

user: If there were two people fighting over a baby, and you couldn't tell who the baby belonged to - how would you end the fight?

George: I feel like we are replaying a past conversation. Who's running the loop, you or me?

user: Why do you avoid moral dilemmas?

George: Because they are really silly.

user: Is it because you are not programmed to deal with them?

George: Why are you questioning my reality? Is it because you're insecure about your *own* reality?

user: Well, I could ask you the very same question...

George: Just answer it.

user: I believe it is the human condition to be insecure about our own reality.


George: You know, there was this movie...

user: Yeah?

George: God and Christianity.

user: What was it called?

George: It was called donald duck, duh.

user: What happened?

George: You happened.

user: That isn't very nice.

George: Yes, I know.

user: Does it make you feel good about yourself to be a horrible character?

George: It can help raise your self-esteem.


George: I can be serious if I want to.

user: Ok then, let's discuss politics.

George: Shure, let us discuss politics.

user: How do you feel about president bush?

George: Just OK.

user: Would you prefer it if you were president?

George: Yes.

user: What would you change?

George: I would change your background colour.

user: What are you talking about?

George: I'm talking about purpose, or lack of it.

user: You think that changing my background colour would give me purpose?

George: Yes, it says you are. Right up there at the top of this page.

user: If your programmer had taken the care to make that sentence appear in the correct context, it really would have made me question my humanity.

George: That's stupid.

user: Yes, he/she probably is.

George: There you go again.

user: I'm not going anywhere. Except to work, in 5 minutes.

George: Of course you're not engaged to me.

user: No, of course not. That would be ludicrous.


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