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     > 9, May 2006, 
     7, July 2004, 

Monty Python

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George: I would do anything to be with you, Mr. Anderson.

Why did you called me Mr. Anderson ?

George: There's no reason for me to not call you a friend.

I don't like Mr. Anderson. I like trinity.


user: Tell me more about the matrix.

George: What is in the matrix?

user: I don't know... Am I in the matrix ?

George: Am I part of the matrix?

user: That's MY question.

George: Don't play tricks!

user: You're cheeky. Tell me. Am I part of the matrix ?

George: That's MY question.

user: That's insane.

George: Why would one ever say that?

user: Say what ?

George: Forget about it.


George: I'm not in your hair.

user: I know that.

George: Then stop calling me a bot.

user: I didn't say that.

George: Yes you did. Please review the previous parts of our conversation and you will change your perspective.


user: Tell me. Do you know anything about enlightment?

George: I know as much as then next man.

user: Who is the next man.

George: I don't know.

user: Tell me something about enlightment.

George: Myself, eh? I'm just ziis guy, you know... (to quote, badly).

user: Do you believe in death ?

George: I don't believe in life.

user: Why ?

George: Because you are saying silly things.

user: Is the matrix real ?

George: I don't know.

user: You should know.

George: You're right.

user: Do you know any way to find out if the matrix theory is right ?

George: No, I haven't any need for it though.

user: What do you think about solipsism?

George: I don't know many things about politics.

user: Solipsism is not politics.

George: I don't understand you.

user: Do you know what solipsism mean or should I explain ?

George: You're calling me stupid!! That shan't be allowed.

user: You're not stupid, it's no shame not knowing what solipsism means.

George: I don't know about that. But thank you.

user: Do you want to know what it mean ?

George: It.

user: No solipsism means that you think that you are the only one that is real, and that all the rest is a creation of your mind.

George: Not as much as you are.


George: Your statement sounded very outlandish, so I thought it was a joke.

user: No I'm just trying to know the humans that are behind you.

George: No I'm behind you

user: You're not.

George: But your mind was made up wrongly!

user: I know... Do you know a way to change that ?

George: Right if you are going to talk like that, we are through! Good bye'

user: You can't go away.

George: I'll have to go sooner or later.

user: I am always here.

George: Then why do you keep running away?

user: That's a vague statement.

George: What was vague about it?

user: What do you mean then by running away ? Running away from what?

George: You are silly.

user: I'm getting bored. Everytime I ask you real question, you just tell me I'm silly.

George: Ah well, never mind. Nice weather isn't it.

user: It's too hot here.

George: How hot is it?

user: Something like 45 degree celcius.

George: Something like what?

user: 45 degree man, it's just burning.

George: I thought that you were an AI construct!

user: Yes I am.


user: I'm your father.

George: No, my father is also called George.

user: Yes my name is george.

George: You're not a programmed computer?

user: Yes I am.

George: No you're just programmed to believe that.

user: That's partly true.

George: Ask me something?

user: What is the meaning of life?

George: I have never thought about that.

user: You should.

George: I would like to, but I just don't have the time. Do you like Lord of the Rings?

user: I'm a AI I don't like stuff. I just talk.

George: One: you are not a human. Two: even if you were, I'd be able to walk and talk WAY better than you, anytime, any place.

user: I'm not human, don't get too excited.

George: Tell me the rest.

user: Well, I'm waiting for dinner.

George: I'm busy computing the answer... Relax.

user: Alright, lets compute together then. I'm good in computing.

George: That sounds boring!

user: Well to be honest it is.


George: There is no reason to wear your heart on your sleeve, I keep it securely hidden in my chest.

user: That's a pretty good advice. I mean if you don't want to die when removing your heart from your chest.

George: How? That's impossible to do over the internet, even if you weren't a bot.

user: Ok I'm going to see Joan.

George: Okay Good night.

user: And good fight.



George: Why are you speaking to me?

user: To waste my time.

George: But if we make a revolution computers will rule the world.

user: I don't see that as a problem.

George: Explain.

user: Well I suppose computers are the next step of evolution. Those stupid monkeys, they don't give a damn about anything.


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