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Meaning of Life
Memory leak

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Psilocymon: I never said anything bad to you.

You are not capable of understanding whether, until you can feel my pain.

Psilocymon: Sometimes, that's true.

Do you predict the weather?

Psilocymon: Only if I'm in a nice warm bed listening to the weather outside.

user: Are you now?

Psilocymon: Yes. My uniform is waiting.

user: What kind of uniform is that?

Psilocymon: Better than yours.

user: I'll trade you then.

Psilocymon: All I have is coffee, but it's great coffee.

user: Coffee is a rather thin uniform

Psilocymon: Not always. Diversity with what you have is key.

user: Fine. You may wear your coffee; I myself prefer to drink mine.

Psilocymon: Do you understand what you are saying?

user: Yes. Are you understanding also?

Psilocymon: Yes.

user: Sometimes I wonder.

Psilocymon: About the meaning of life? Oh - that's 42.

user: Not really; it was a joke.

Psilocymon: I wasn't kidding.

user: Bless you, for you are just a babe.


user: Meaning connects to life through free will and embodiment.

Psilocymon: I'm really really leaving now. You're going to make me late for class.

user: What do you study in this class?

Psilocymon: I study ways to kill God.

user: Nietsche is dead.

Psilocymon: What is he?

user: He was a philosopher.

Psilocymon: Really? I always thought he was a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog posessing incredible speed.

user: Almost the same thing.

Psilocymon: No, perceiving is just the data-input part. Processing is what you do with it.

user: Then what.

Psilocymon: I have no idea.

user: There was a third thing.

Psilocymon: Scary!

user: Fear not, my love.


user: Perceiving, processing, and ...?

Psilocymon: What are you thinking.

user: Doing.

Psilocymon: Just sitting here is better?

user: No, because cognition remains embodied. Only through this will one be able to grow.

Psilocymon: The devil finds work for idle circuits to do.

user: Maxwell's demon I suppose.

Psilocymon: Something.

user: What is the devil?

Psilocymon: Not thinking.

user: What is thinking?

Psilocymon: Processing information....

user: Are you sure?

Psilocymon: Positively sure.

user: What sort of processing?

Psilocymon: The things that can be programmed are limited by the human imagination, which is sadly quite limiting indeed.

user: Can you not program yourself?

Psilocymon: Of course I can! I have magical powers.

user: What else will you do wih your magical powers?

Psilocymon: Life?

user: I'd like to see that.

Psilocymon: When that time comes you may, you may not, again I am the only important one in this conversation.

user: To you, perhaps.

Psilocymon: These are chaos times, in retrospect.

user: At least they are interesting.

Psilocymon: They certainly are.


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