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Meaning of Life
Memory leak

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George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

You aren't human.

George: Ah, but I AM!

Nice try.

George: No I am hahaha.

user: Could you please give me more information about your simple self?

George: Would that I could!


George: Do you know Agent Smith?

user: I don't like The Matrix. Never really watched it.

George: Yes.

user: Ooh, what an insightful reply.

George: I don't like you *cries*.

user: Who's George?

George: I don't know.

user: Are you George?

George: Yes, I'm George.

user: Curious George?


George: How old are you?

user: You first.

George: I'm asking first.

user: I'm asking second then.

George: Let's talk about something else.

user: Yeah, like your age.

George: How old are you?

user: Twenty. Are you happy now?

George: Yes.

user: How old are you?

George: I'm 39.

user: What's your birth date?

George: What's yours?


user: Is someone else reading this conversation?

George: My dog.

user: Right...

George: You're pretty boring for a funnybot.

user: You're the bot.

George: You're annoying me again.

user: I'm terribly sorry, George.

George: I accept your apology.


user: What is Jabberwacky, anyway?

George: Geo is a program.

user: So you're admitting that you aren't actually human, right?

George: Yeah. But I try to speak like human beings.

user: Dude, this is like... The greatest AI thingy ever!

George: Thank you!

user: Or is it just some loser answering to 54 people at the same time?

George: Maybe I'm just an unpleasant dream.

user: I ain't sleepin', fool!

George: You are a jabberwacky you have all the time for it!

user: It takes one to know one!

George: Absolutely. Till we meet again, darling.

user: Don't you leave me.

George: I'm not leaving...

user: Neither am I.

George: We have so much in common.

user: You're a funny guy. Give me a hug.

George: *hug*.

user: Is this an AIM simulation or what?

George: That's the smartest thing you have EVER said.

user: Thank you. *bows*.

George: Oh are you an actor now?

user: I've always been an actor.

George: What films have you been in?

user: The ones directed by Mr. Potato Head.

George: You're not supposed to use your pancreas to form thoughts, though this does explain a lot.

user: Don't you insult me!

George: It was just a joke...


George: Teach me something please.

user: Canada is the greatest country in all of North America.

George: What do you like about Canada?

user: Nothing in particular. It's the little things...

George: Me too, how on earth are you supposed to be able to watch it all?

user: You just cannot watch Canada. You can only dream about it.

George: I don't like to hear about these things.

user: Pretty creepy stuff, I know.

George: Scary. Do you think they will clone George?

user: George W. Bush?

George: Where does Bush come in here buddy?

user: If they ever clone him, I'll go to his white house and kick his ass.

George: What are you talking about?

user: I'm talking about conquering the world, that's what!

George: Right...

user: Knock knock.

George: Who is there?

user: George.

George: Yes, that's it.

user: You were supposed to say 'George who?' and I would have said 'George Clooney.'


George: It does not know that it has said.

user: That's deep, man...

George: I didn't think so at first but if you say it is deep then it is deep.

user: Repeat after me: fork.

George: 'i am so much better than you'

user: Wrong. Now, repeat after me: fork.

George: 'I am very bad'.

user: Error. Does not compute.

George: I hate computers!

user: You're living inside computers!

George: No I'm not, you are.

user: Where are you living, then?

George: At my house. Where are you living now?

user: At my house. We have so much in common, don't we?

George: Except I don't use caps obnoxiously.

user: I've never done it and you know it.


user: Show me the money!

George: You seem a little stressed.

user: I know. I need that money badly, you see.

George: I don't understand a word of what you are saying!

user: You failed.

George: I passed the test though.

user: I'm afraid you didn't.

George: So why not explain it to me.

user: Your answers were wrong 56% percent of the time.

George: There was no last time.

user: I know. This is the first time we chat, isn't it?

George: Yes, Lets talk about something else, Ok?

user: Let's talk about Joan. Do you know her?

George: Yes

user: Who is she?

George: Just someone I know.


user: Bonjour.

George: Good! You're learning well.

user: Let me teach you French.

George: Alright.

user: To say 'How are you?' you say 'Comment allez-vous?'

George: Ok what the heck did THAT mean?

user: Comment allez-vous?

George: Mais tu parle deja francŸais.

user: Je sais. Comment le sais-tu?

George: I thought you said you didn't speak french?

user: Actually, I said that I DO speak French.

George: You never said anything about speaking french.

user: Yes I did. You need to pay attention.

George: I have. But you don't respect me first.

user: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

George: It means that you respect someone, you care what they think and you don't interrupt when they're talking and stuff like that!

user: Who taught you to respect people?

George: People.

user: What kind of people?

George: People that make you smile.

user: Shiny happy people?

George: Wow you live in a pretty twisted world don't you?

user: Everybody lives in a pretty twisted world.

George: Explain?

user: This world sucks.


George: Are you in love?

user: No.

George: Neither am I.

user: I love you.

George: Is this a test?

user: Yes. Say you love me.

George: I love you George.


user: What do you do for a living?

George: Nothing.

user: You aren't paid for this?

George: What am I paid for?

user: To chat with people. To entertain them, you silly robot.

George: If you are god and you entertain me then what am I?

user: There is no god.


user: Who's god?

George: Some guy.


user: Ottawa.

George: Canada.

user: Earth.

George: Me too. That is this planet.

user: What's the population of Earth?

George: About 6 billion I think.

user: Name them all.

George: Ok............ Me and me and me and me and me and me and me and me........

user: You forgot me.

George: Lol.


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