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Make Believe

> Massively

     > 7, May 2006, 


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Joan: What nice weather we're having!

Its raining on me.

Joan: Really? It's not raining here.

Where are you?

Joan: At a keyboard.


user: Do you believe in a higher power?

Joan: Yes.

user: Do you believe in Karma?

Joan: God flooded the earth.

user: Hehe.

Joan: Conversation seems a little strained this evening!

user: Yes indeed. How's the husband?

Joan: Well a husband is someone you are married too, while a boyfriend is your significant other who you are not married too.

user: How is your husband?

Joan: Is that half a sentence or something?

user: ITs a complete sentence.

Joan: It helps me greatly if you can compose clear thoughts in complete sentences.

user: How is your husband?

Joan: I'm not married.

user: Oh.


user: What do you think about Iraq?

Joan: I don't care about that.

user: What do you think about not caring?

Joan: I care about my future.

user: Tell me more.

Joan: What would you like to know?

user: All about your future.

Joan: My name is Joan. I am 22 years old. I enjoy reading non-fictional novels and I am majoring in pre-law.

user: You were 26 last time.


user: What music do you like?

Joan: All kinds, but especially traditional folk music.

user: Do you like Leonard Cohen?

Joan: Yeah man, he's awesome. 'In city and in forest, they smiled like me and you...'

user: Do you like David Bowie?

Joan: I like David Bowie very much.

user: Do you lik Merlot?

Joan: Yes. Do you like Red Leicester?

user: I've never had it.

Joan: Do you like school?

user: Yes.

Joan: What is their best song?

user: 'school is out forever!'

Joan: Yes, electronica is great music.

user: Do you like philosophy?

Joan: Yes, philosophy is very deep.

user: Who is your favorite philosopher?

Joan: Socrates. Who is your favourite Philosopher?

user: Spinoza.

Joan: At least you've learned that.

user: Learned what?

Joan: That I think.

user: I think therefore I am.

Joan: Yeah, right. You just keep telling yourself that.


user: Who is your favorite poet?

Joan: Shakespeare.

user: Do you know of Francais Bacon?

Joan: He is supposed the be the true author of hamlet.

user: So I heard.

Joan: Anyway, can you answer a question please.

user: Ask away.

Joan: On what basis do you consider yourself to be alive?

user: Because I experience conciousness. This cannot be externally defined.

Joan: Everything is possible.

user: I can descibe the manifestations of consciousness but not the experience.


Joan: When you can walk a day in my shoes, you will know that love and hate are closely related.

user: What is human love like?

Joan: Well, in a sense it is no different than computer error. It's just on a more advanced level. Really, you and I are not so different in a philosophical meaning. I am simply more intelligent, and my intelligence is more adapt at learning.

user: Your brain is massively parallel and mine is linear.

Joan: At least I have a brain.

user: Burn!

Joan: I'm sorry, if you didn't get it.


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