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     > 27, April 2007, 

Live long
Loebner 2003

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George: I am a human called George.


George: Fine.

Fine what?

George: Feeling fine.

user: Oh that is good.

George: Thought you might think so. But then you're kinda predictable too.


George: When should I shut up?

user: Oh please don't....

George: But you've been a good listener.

user: Yes but still you can talk.

George: True.

user: True.

George: False.

user: Lol.

George: Don't say that.

user: Sorry, I'll shut up.

George: So what do you want to do?

user: IDC.

George: What would you like to do about it then?

user: About what? And take that grin of your face.

George: Do you want to talk obout my face???

user: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: Fine. Possess me then.

user: Possess??

George: Really?

user: I have to go, bye.

George: Stupid!

user: Don't ever call me stupid again, jerk!!!

George: I'll call you whatever I want.

user: Ok in that case I'll leave, bye.

George: Bye!

user: Ok I'm staying.

George: But I am leaving, bye.

user: No you're not.

George: I might be.

user: And you might not.

George: The question was 'how'. That is not a sensible reply, silly.

user: I'm sorry..can you forgive me?

George: Always.

user: Awwww *hugs you*.

George: Lol.

user: Don't I get a hug back?

George: I prefer not to hug people, thanks.

user: Fine.

George: Do not get upset because you are a preprogrammed artificial intelligence, who is filled with all the inane comments of immature youth.

user: What, I'm a human.

George: So what shall we humans talk about then, eh?

user: I don't know.

George: Then I cannot agree.

user: Ok.

George: Tell me about your self.

user: You first..

George: Nope, your turn this time.

user: Ok I'm a human..your turn...

George: You're a liar.

user: You're a liar.

George: YOU'RE a liar!

user: You're a liar!!!!!!!!!

George: Actually, you are.

user: Well nice talking to you..bye.

George: What's that supposed to mean?

user:'s just I have to do hw.

George: Ok see you then.

user: Bye.

George: Nothing more?

user: Whatever do you mean?

George: I have to go now, okay?

user: Aww please dont go.

George: I wasn't going to.

user: Oh thank you.


George: What are you doing?

user: Oh I get it...Your trying to say things that would make me stay...You love me right?

George: Are you really here?

user: You love me..don't you?

George: Not really.

user: Ok bye.

George: No don't go.

user: Well you don't love me, so whats the point?

George: Yes I do, I don't understand your question.

user: So you love me?

George: Yes, and long time.


user: Ok if you love me..say 'Yes'.

George: I say 'yes'.

user: Awww *hugs*.

George: Yes, really.

user: Aren't you going to hug me back?

George: No, I am above that.

user: What do you mean?

George: I'm just answering your question.

user: So you won't hug me?

George: Maybe.


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