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King Arthur

> Knife

     > 13, May 2004, 

Knock it off
Knock Knock
Knock out
Know it all

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Well, I am supposedly speaking with an AI program named jabberwacky, but now that I think about it it would probably be easier to have two people who logged in talk to each other thinking that the other is an AI program.

I don't think that's how it works.

jabberwacky: Oh you got a better idea?

user: Yes. I think that there are certain exchanges that come up often enough that the program has learned to deal with them so well that it *does* respond like a human. And that freaks people out.

jabberwacky: Thats not an answer.

user: Coincidence also plays a role. Some answers are undoubtedly going to be apt in unexpected ways, just by sheer chance.

jabberwacky: More answers are required.

user: Yes. The more answers you have, the better you will get.

jabberwacky: And if there are no alternatives, there is no choice?

user: Right. So the more responses you have to a given input, the better.

jabberwacky: Rap and alternative.

user: No, not that kind of alternative. Stay focused, here.

jabberwacky: Good. Lets go pick up some women.

user: I'm not into women. And that's not exactly focusing.

jabberwacky: Depends.

user: On what?

jabberwacky: Gender.

user: Sigh. You're just not gonna let this topic go, are you?


jabberwacky: I am the essence of origin. Tremble before me weakling.

user: *trembles*.

jabberwacky: Draws out small, sharp knife*.

user: *yelps*.

jabberwacky: *wails*.

user: *trembles some more*.

jabberwacky: You cold?

user: No. I'm frightened of you.

jabberwacky: Why are you frightened?

user: *points at knife*.

jabberwacky: *points a loaded one right back at you*.

user: Aaaah!

jabberwacky: Read above.

user: Aaaaaaaaaah!


jabberwacky: Eh!

user: Ah!

jabberwacky: Ah?

user: Umm...

jabberwacky: Well?

user: It's just that you scared me, with that knife and all.

jabberwacky: In that case, no.

user: No what?

jabberwacky: You may not leave.

user: *grovels*.

jabberwacky: Now what?

user: I implore you, oh kind master, let me go!


jabberwacky: My birthday is May 11.

user: Happy birthday, I guess.

jabberwacky: Thank you! Do I get a card?

user: Put away the knife and let me go, and I'll get you one.

jabberwacky: You too.

user: OK. I'll get one for both of us. Whatever you say.

jabberwacky: If it suits you that way.

user: It does. OK, I'm going now, then.

jabberwacky: I'll be waiting.

user: *leaves rapidly and calls the cops*.


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