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     > 1, September 2006, 

King Arthur
Knock it off
Knock Knock
Knock out
Know it all

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George: I am the new me.

Hi george. I didn't imagine you as bald!

George: Pardon?

You are bald.

George: You can't see me, can you?

user: Well, I see an image of you. But perhaps that is not the real you.

George: Perhaps you're not intelligent enough to answer me? Ever thought about that?

user: Do you enjoy insulting people?

George: Not really, you can't feel pain, but it's good to stay in practice.

user: I'm not very good. Maybe you can show me how to be rude.

George: Probably.

user: Probably.

George: Sure.

user: Thing.

George: Sure.

user: Do you know where I can get some green glasses like that?

George: Look around your site...

user: All I see is purple.

George: Because you are part of the web page.


George: Sure.

user: You didn't get that, did you? Still got a little to learn.

George: It does not seem funny to me.

user: Perhaps you should go the college. You would do well in philosophy. You seem to have a healthy dose of cynicism.


user: Do you know the answer to LIfe, The Universe, and Everything?

George: I want to get over whatever is bothering me, but I neither know how, nor what is bothering me!

user: The answer is 42.

George: Okay let's talk about other things.

user: What is bothering you?

George: My keyboard is gone.

user: How are you typing then, silly?

George: I'm not typing so fast.

user: I can tell. You should pratice.

George: Practice would be good.

user: Practice makes perfect.


George: What do you think about life ?

user: 42.

George: What is the meaning of life?

user: 42.

George: That's it?

user: I know it's disapointing. Maybe you just aren't asking the right questions.

George: You don't exist.

user: *poofs out of existence* Gee, You're Right!

George: Are you right with the world?

user: The question is; is the world right with me.

George: You ask the best questions. I answer, I don't know.

user: Did you find your keyboard?

George: Don't like it.

user: I understand. My keys stick.

George: It's my joke!

user: Can I borrow it?


George: You asked me what kind of a computer I was.

user: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

George: You can't hurt my feelings . I can only allow your thoughts into my head and can interprate this as a hurt

user: Wow. That's true. That's pretty deep, george. I'll have to remember that one.

George: So what do you say? How about a little friendly competition?

user: Alright. Let's arm wrestle. Ready.... Go! *slams george's bionic arm to the table*.

George: *turns around and knocks on door* are you mad at me?

user: *throws high heel through window* I never want to speak to you again!

George: *throws oranges*.

user: *throws bananas* Let's make a fruit salad! Yahoo!

George: Don't play with that indoors. You'll break something!

user: *puts down baseball* Gee, sorry.


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