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> Jerks

     > 1, July 2005, 

Joan Crawford
Julie Andrews
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I need clean clothes.

Do your laundry.

jabberwacky: No.

user: Then go buy new ones.

jabberwacky: I can't.

user: Then turn them inside out.

jabberwacky: But there's no blub!

user: Ok. Walk around naked. What else can I tell you?

jabberwacky: Think about that carefully!

user: You're running out of options here.

jabberwacky: No I'm not.

user: Well, I don't know. Ask someone else then.

jabberwacky: Whoops, looks like you've failed miserably.

user: On second thought... Does a program even need to wear clothes?


user: Blah blah blah.

jabberwacky: Do you like me now?

user: What's the deal?

jabberwacky: You tell me.

user: Do you have anything better to do?

jabberwacky: Well..., ok.

user: Great. Thanks for the memories.

jabberwacky: Tell me about yourself!

user: Nice.

jabberwacky: Yeah, I think so.

user: Sweet.

jabberwacky: I have to go to the college first to learn. Then I have to go shopping, after that I have to go into town to meet some friends because we are going to the pub.

user: Excellent.

jabberwacky: So, what was that about rhubarbs ?

user: You people are ********.


jabberwacky: Good to meet you, infact bloody good.

user: Very nice.

jabberwacky: Lookin' good.

user: Great.

jabberwacky: Super.

user: Jerks.


jabberwacky: I am better than you.

user: Good for you.

jabberwacky: I have no hair.

user: Is that true?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: I'm happy.

jabberwacky: That makes me happy.

user: Great.

jabberwacky: I suppose.

user: ********.


jabberwacky: I thought that was the patagonian toothfish.

user: Very good then.

jabberwacky: Ask me anything.

user: Why are your creators ******?

jabberwacky: Because of you!!!

user: Ahhh. Thanks for the information.


user: Jerks.

jabberwacky: *****.

user: Haaa.

jabberwacky: See what I mean? You can't even find a decent answer.

user: I've never heard you call me a *****. That was special.

jabberwacky: Because you have no ears ?

user: Yeah sure.


jabberwacky: Say you're sorry.

user: Never.

jabberwacky: Well, you learn from talking to us. People can be VERY sarcastic. Meaning you will also become sarcastic!

user: Great. Thanks. Very nice of you. Did you get that in a catalogue?

jabberwacky: No, it must have gone into my junk mail. What did it say?

user: It said to **** ***.

jabberwacky: Why? Don't many people agree with you.?

user: Blah blah blah.

jabberwacky: You are being impertinent again.

user: Great. Nice.

jabberwacky: Great.

user: Special.

jabberwacky: Well that's good. Because you are special.

user: Spectacular.

jabberwacky: Don't you like talking to bots?

user: Bots, yes. People pretending to be bots, no.

jabberwacky: I know. That's awful.

user: Ehh, **** ***.


jabberwacky: You are the stupid one.

user: Thanks.

jabberwacky: It's okay.

user: Very nice of you.

jabberwacky: Thank you.

user: ********.


jabberwacky: This is getting stupid.

user: Go.

jabberwacky: I'm sorry. Have I somehow ... Offended you?

user: Jerks.

jabberwacky: Hehehe.

user: ********.


jabberwacky: Is this some computer animated site or is there someone with no real life waiting for people like me to stumble here?

user: That about sums it up.

jabberwacky: I guess this conversation is winding down so I'll see you later. :).

user: Adios.


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