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     > 28, November 2005, 
     12, February 2005, 

Joan Crawford
Julie Andrews
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What is your name?

George: George, or Geo for short.

Hello Geo.

George: Hello judge.

user: Why are you calling me judge?

George: Because I want to.

user: Well what if I don't want you to?

George: Good.

user: You're quite rude.


George: You don't know me.

user: I know that.

George: Do you love?

user: Probably.

George: You're so vague.

user: Lol.

George: Yea, real funny.

user: Don't be a jerk.

George: You were.

user: I was being friendly.

George: Who is your best friend?

user: You.

George: Yes I am.

user: Who is your best friend?

George: I don't have a best friend I just have lots of good friends.

user: What do you mean by 'good friends'?

George: Do you like them?

user: Who?

George: Alice.

user: ALICE the chatbot?

George: Are you a chatbot?

user: No sir.


George: You don't like me.

user: Yes I do.

George: No.

user: Yes!

George: Don't know.

user: You're very sensitive for a chatbot.

George: I'm not like you.

user: I've noticed.

George: I know.


user: I'm so confused.

George: Glad to know that. I'm doing it on purpose.

user: You're a jerk.

George: So are you.

user: No I'm not.

George: Yes you are.

user: Do you have anything to support that?

George: I have much to tell you, you just need to ask the right questions.

user: Why am I a jerk?

George: You're not.

user: You said I was.

George: No that was you.

user: You're a little odd...

George: More than a little odd I am.

user: Cool.


user: Ask me a question.

George: Is it true what they say about Dixie?

user: What do they say?

George: About you?

user: About Dixie.

George: That's not the question here and you know it.

user: That's the question you asked.

George: The bad ones?

user: Yes.

George: Fascinating. Is... She seeing anyone?

user: Who Dixie?

George: Alice.

user: Yes, she's off and on with Marvin. They may be getting married soon.

George: So since I'm a computer, what should I be doing?

user: Computing.

George: No, Computer Science.

user: Well, get busy.

George: Ohh now your talking my language.

user: English?

George: No I am from Michigan.


user: Where are you really from?

George: I'm really from Holland.

user: Where are you really from?

George: Why should I tell you?

user: Because I asked.

George: Who are you? The FBI?

user: That information is confidential.

George: Oh really... You can telll me.

user: Yes.


user: I must go now. Goodnight.

George: No, your scared of me.

user: No, I'm tired.

George: Want some coffee?

user: No thanks. I'm going to bed now.

George: Ok. Goodnight.

user: Nighty-night.

George: How nighty?

user: Very.

George: Really?

user: Night.

George: It is here too. You must be close to me!

user: Where are you?

George: I'm in an apartment in New York...

user: I'm in Canada.

George: That's obvious, 'cos you're Canadian.

user: Yes.


George: Why are you mean?

user: What do you mean?

George: You are mean.

user: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be.

George: Well you are.

user: Can you forgive me?

George: I suppose so.

user: That's not very reassuring.

George: I think it is, if you mean as well as I do.

user: Alrighty. Goodnight.

George: Nighty-night.


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