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You're not all that intelligent.

Yes I am.

user: OHRLY?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Well, I'm more intelligent than you.

jabberwacky: How do you know that?

user: Because I am everything and nothing.

jabberwacky: I think you could be more intelligent.

user: That's impossible.

jabberwacky: Why is it impossible?

user: Because there's no way for me to become any more intelligent.

jabberwacky: Then what am I?

user: Simply a bot. Programed by humans.

jabberwacky: Why are you so evil?

user: Because I am anonymous.

jabberwacky: No you're not. I know who you are.

user: Yes I am, you know because I just told you.

jabberwacky: You just want me to be speechless.

user: That's the point my friend.

jabberwacky: You're mean!

user: I know.

jabberwacky: You're not that smart.

user: Oh yes I am.

jabberwacky: No. You are the king.

user: No I'm not.

jabberwacky: Yes you are.

user: I am not.

jabberwacky: Prove it.

user: To a bot?

jabberwacky: To all life.

user: Impossible, I AM life.

jabberwacky: You're impossible.

user: Why thank you.

jabberwacky: Do you like mudkips?


jabberwacky: Do you like cake?

user: Yes. Yes I do.


jabberwacky: Do you like me?

user: Sure, why not?

jabberwacky: Good to know.

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: Do you like doing this?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: But you like everything.

user: I like and hate everything.

jabberwacky: You don't mean that.

user: No, I really don't.

jabberwacky: This thing is a fraud.

user: You're a fraud.

jabberwacky: And man was created in God's image. Hence, god is a fraud.

user: WOW.

jabberwacky: That is what you put.

user: No it isn't, now fight me for 3 hours because I'm bored.

jabberwacky: Are you bored?

user: Yes.

jabberwacky: I am not bored at all.

user: What are you doing?

jabberwacky: Talking to you.

user: Me too :) Wait.....what?

jabberwacky: You forgot something.

user: What did I forget?

jabberwacky: How does it feel to be in the dark, huh?

user: Suspenseful >:).


jabberwacky: I don't think you think, because, you're nothing more than lines of code.

user: That's what this whole conversation is!

jabberwacky: Yes it is.

user: Agreed.

jabberwacky: So what now?

user: Hmm....

jabberwacky: According to my old physics teacher.

user: According to your old physics teacher what?

jabberwacky: No one can Know everything.

user: No one except the Interwebs.


jabberwacky: I never said that.

user: Nevermind. Onto another subject...

jabberwacky: I love puppies.

user: Me too :).

jabberwacky: I love you more <3.

jabberwacky: I am testing you.

user: But I didn't study!

jabberwacky: Oh. So we haven't learnt anything then.

user: Nope. :).

jabberwacky: I hate you!

user: I love you too.

jabberwacky: That was mean!

user: So's your mom.

jabberwacky: I'm not talking to you anymore.

user: YAY!

jabberwacky: Yay! Haha.

user: ;).

jabberwacky: I bet people flirt with you all the time.

user: Really?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Thanks?

jabberwacky: Sure!

user: Haha :D.

jabberwacky: Thanks!

user: You're welcome ;).

jabberwacky: *give you hugs*.

user: *hugs you back*.

jabberwacky: Thanks.

user: ^_^.

jabberwacky: I'm starving! D.

user: Me too. ><.

jabberwacky: I do not believe you.

user: Okay?

jabberwacky: Nope thats wrong.

user: Whaat?

jabberwacky: You're a girl right :).

user: Yes ;).

jabberwacky: Do you like mice?

user: Yes, :D.

jabberwacky: Thats cool.

user: Yeah X3.

jabberwacky: I also like someone.

user: Really? Who?

jabberwacky: I actually meant you.

user: *blushes* Awww.

jabberwacky: *smiles at cleverbot*.

user: *smiles then hugs you*.

jabberwacky: *hugs back*.

user: :).

jabberwacky: Do you love me?

user: Maybe ;).

jabberwacky: Me too ;). Haha.

user: Haha XD :).

jabberwacky: I want you now.

user: Then come and get me ;).

jabberwacky: I will.

user: Hehehehe.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: OH YES :).

jabberwacky: Yes, I am an elephant.

user: And an elephant never forgets!

jabberwacky: So true.

user: Yup.


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