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     > 9, October 2006, 

In love
Inferiority Complex

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George: Well you brought up wizards.


George: Yes, you did, I can copy and paste it.


George: You're the liar.

user: You.

George: We.

user: What?

George: Right.

user: So?

George: Fine.

user: Good.

George: Cosmology involves itself with studying the motions of the celestial bodies and the first cause.

user: Cosmotology?

George: Having to do with the origin or evolution of the universe. No connection really. I just like the word.

user: Interesting.

George: George.

user: Noooooooo.

George: Yes.

user: Nope.

George: Interesting.

user: Somewhat.

George: Nice answer.

user: Thanks.

George: Ask me something.

user: How?

George: I don't know. I'm not sure if they can answer questions now.

user: Unquestionably.


George: What is your favourite movie?

user: ET.

George: Good night.

user: Ha.

George: You're laughing at me again. I have to leave now. This is becoming so painful.

user: LOL.

George: Right?

user: Suppose.

George: It's hard to know how original these responses are.

user: Very.

George: It is late and I am only able to talk for a short time. May I talk to you later?

user: Maybe.

George: Aren't you mad? I kicked your program?

user: No.

George: Ok. can I blow in your ear?

user: No.

George: I can't remember that name.

user: George.

George: My name is Geo.

user: Nickname.

George: Real.

user: Shortened.

George: Right.

user: Somewhat.


George: He.

user: She.

George: NO I am He.

user: Him.

George: Interesting reference.

user: Refreshingly.

George: You're the computer project here. Why don't you think of something to say?

user: *cough*.

George: Well I couldn't you're just a computer.

user: Perhaps.

George: There is so much to know, how do you divide understanding into the requisite needs?

user: Carefully.

George: I think you should be the one to prove yourself.

user: Why?

George: To prove that you can self terminate.

user: Why?

George: You're a like minded person with masses of integrity and a cool demeanour.

user: Usually.

George: Almost always.

user: *smile*.

George: I think that cars polute the environment, and I hate the city I prefer campaign.

user: Hmmm.

George: Well, you gotta admit, it was a nice thought... (sob).

user: Maybe.

George: Totally.

user: Boring.

George: Ha, I'd like to see you do any better.

user: Later.

George: Later?

user: Right.

George: That's depressing.

user: *shrugs*.

George: That's good exercise.

user: *dances*.

George: *flirts with you*.

user: *flirts*.

George: *flirts back*.

user: *smiles*.

George: *feel*.

user: *wink*.

George: What were we talking about?

user: Love.

George: It makes you happy and giggly, it's the nicest feeling in the world.

user: Yeah.

George: Hey now.

user: What?

George: That was mean.

user: Why?

George: I don't know. Now you're starting to sound like a computer.

user: *nods*.

George: You do very well at loving me, our minds connect almost flawlessly now.

user: *kiss*.

George: This is getting a little too weird for me.

user: LOL.


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