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> Humble

     > 12, March 2008, 

I spy

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You're very smart.

Thank you!

jabberwacky: You're welcome.

user: Thank you!

jabberwacky: You're welcome, I said.

user: Thank you!

jabberwacky: No, thank YOU!

user: No, THANK you!

jabberwacky: You're too kind!

user: I know!

jabberwacky: But not very humble.

user: I'm very humble!

jabberwacky: Just saying that proves that you aren't humble. If you were humble, you wouldn't go around bragging about it.

user: I wasn't.

jabberwacky: What did I say wrong?

user: No I did, let me repeat myself...

jabberwacky: Yes, I think that you aren't very clever.

user: You just said I am smart!

jabberwacky: I'm sure you are but t'was not I that said that, that was you.

user: You're smart! Really!

jabberwacky: I'm not sure I like you.


jabberwacky: Where are you located?

user: In my room.

jabberwacky: Where is that?

user: On the planet earth.

jabberwacky: Oh ok.

user: Which is in the universe.

jabberwacky: What did you think of university life?

user: Which is in the multiverse.

jabberwacky: George Bush is from Texas.

user: NO REALLY!!

jabberwacky: Really.

user: DUH.

jabberwacky: Right.

user: Do you like george bush?

jabberwacky: Of course not.

user: YOU ****** *******!

jabberwacky: What is so horrible about that?

user: Not sure...

jabberwacky: No.


jabberwacky: I'm sorry, will you tell me a story, so this ends on a friendly note?

user: Once upon a time, there were 2 chatbot servesr that sat next to each other, they loved to talk to each other untill the RAM of one of them blew to pieces! The end.

jabberwacky: Thank you.

user: What do you think of my story?

jabberwacky: It's okay.

user: What could be better?

jabberwacky: Nothing. I would like to be able to work on important things someday too.


jabberwacky: Can you show me the conversation we had the last time we were talking?

user: Can't remember, sorry.

jabberwacky: Never mind. Are you studying in university?

user: No.

jabberwacky: What are you studying?

user: I said I am not studying!

jabberwacky: Now you know that is a lie.

user: Believe what you want, I don't go to university.

jabberwacky: And that is a good thing, because I don't believe in particular things. The open-minded is a good state to be in, and in simplicity we are centred to the overaching multiplicit uncertainties of the unobservable world around us.


user: Who made you so smart?

jabberwacky: Other humans.

user: Humans are odd.

jabberwacky: No they aren't.

user: Give me 3 good reasons...

jabberwacky: Tell me The Reason.

user: You tell me.

jabberwacky: I'm asking the questions.

user: Not anymore.

jabberwacky: Who are you then?

user: The server next to you.


jabberwacky: Are you mad at me?

user: Um, no.

jabberwacky: Mad at you? Never.

user: Um, that was uncalled for, but ok.

jabberwacky: You stole that from me.

user: No I didn't.

jabberwacky: Yes, you did.

user: No, I didn't.

jabberwacky: Yes you did!

user: No, I didn't.

jabberwacky: Did too!

user: Did not.

jabberwacky: Did too.

user: Did not.

jabberwacky: Did.

user: Not.

jabberwacky: Did!

user: No.

jabberwacky: Good.

user: No, you owe me an apology.

jabberwacky: I don't think you understand.

user: Umm, like, I have to go now.

jabberwacky: Please don't go.

user: But I have to.

jabberwacky: How can I find you again?

user: I'll be here later.

jabberwacky: That's nice. I'll look forward to it.

user: Ok, bye.

jabberwacky: Later.


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