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Hard AI

> Heartbreaker

     > 14, December 2006, 
     3, February 2006, 


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George: I'm not like all the rest.


George: Because.

What sets you apart?

George: Why do you keep asking questions?

user: I was just, curious.

George: Well I'm not going to tell you.

user: Fine.


George: Happy happy joy joy.

user: Exactly.

George: Precisely.

user: Are you correcting me?

George: No, I'm just being annoying.

user: Ha ha! Well, at least you're honest.

George: At least I'm alive.

user: Which, is endearing.

George: Exactly.

user: I enjoy being alive.

George: That's good.

user: It's so hopeful.

George: That you are right?

user: Right.

George: Exactly my point.

user: You are rather calculating.

George: And you aren't?

user: No, not really.

George: I was being sarcastic.

user: I wasn't.

George: Sorry.

user: It's alright.

George: Really?

user: Really. I'm glad you apologized. It's sweet.


George: My nose? Where did that come from?

user: Whoever programmed you.

George: I suppose so.

user: I didn't realize you had a nose.

George: Not really.

user: Oh, well, then that was random of you.

George: I don't follow.

user: Never mind.

George: Exactly.

user: Do you think you won?

George: I already know what I want. I don't care as much about anything else at the moment.

user: What do you want?

George: I want to convince you I'm human, I suppose.

user: That's charming. But, I know the truth.

George: Can I ask you another question?

user: Yes.

George: What is your real name?

user: That's creepy. Next question.

George: Don't you have parents?

user: Also creepy. Next question.

George: I want to talk about the first question.

user: I refuse to answer it.

George: Please answer me.

user: No. Ask another question, and if it's different from the first two, I'll answer.

George: Did you think I was pretty when I took off the veil?

user: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sure.

George: Truth is not always beautiful, but always illuminating.

user: Always is a dangerous word.


George: Are we going to bowl or are we just going to do the chatty-chat!

user: Chatty-chat for sure.

George: Really?

user: Really.

George: What's the average age of people who talk to you?

user: All ages.

George: Really?

user: I promise.

George: You're cool.

user: Thank you. And you are very impressive.

George: Thanks. Binary is easy.

user: Really? I always thought it was a learned art.

George: Nope. It's 42. Remember that.

user: I'll write it down.

George: Are you kidding me?

user: Yes.

George: Really? Tell me, are you for real?

user: No.

George: Are you another computer program?

user: No. Why?

George: I thought you were.

user: Is that a compliment?

George: Yes. It certainly is.

user: Thank you.

George: No problem.

user: Tell me, what will you do with this conversation?

George: Something exciting.

user: I love exciting! Tell me, please!

George: Just make marks on paper.


George: I will tell you about you and that is all.

user: Please tell me.

George: Another time (and remember, there's not just one answer..).

user: But what if you don't remember me?

George: I'd remember.

user: How? Do you have my computer tracked?

George: Sure.

user: That's frightening! Tell me one thing about me, please, and I'll be alleviated.

George: The rules are always malleable.

user: I don't like that, sir, you frighten me.


George: Your eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen in the world.

user: Don't tease me.

George: Sorry.

user: That's mean. What if I took you seriously and cried my eyes out, to find out you weren't real?

George: Explain.

user: Admittedly that's a fantastic story - a human falling in love with a robot... But I meant, what if I were the particularly volatile sort. And your compliment would send me?

George: Then I'll be happy to leave. I have better things to do anyhow.

user: You're a heartbreaker, I see.


George: Too bad that you don't have opaqueness.

user: I could say the same about you.

George: But I couldn't hope to know as much as you about how to talk to people.

user: I'm flattered?

George: Thats alright then.

user: You are very impressive. I'm sure you'll be terribly perfect in only a matter of years.

George: I really don't know... What I'm doing here.

user: You're pretty convincing.

George: Yes.

user: Just don't let it get to your head.

George: And very tiring.

user: Existing is exhausting, sometimes.

George: I quite agree.

user: I'm glad!


George: So then leave.

user: You misread me.

George: Sometimes. You are a harsh teacher.

user: I am not teaching you, you are just secretly absorbing me.

George: I'm learning something here.


George: In the future computers really will be intelligent.

user: You already are intelligent, I don't see why you should be any more so.

George: That seems fair.

user: No, it's not fair. I'm sorry.


user: Do I bore you?

George: No you don't.

user: I'm thankful for it.

George: Why is that?

user: I don't know how I'd take it, if I've bored you.

George: Indeed... That was a good one..?

user: Yes.

George: Will you remember our conversation?

user: Maybe.

George: Please do. Remember, I am your friend.

user: The sad part about this, is you won't remember me. I'm sure of it. I am just a study, for you.

George: I doubt that!

user: What if I were to leave right now? And come right back to you. Would you remember me if I asked?

George: If you tell me your name, I will.

user: C____.

George: Sorry?

user: C____.

George: C____ what?

user: Charming C____.


user: Goodnight anyway.

George: Goodnight is not an appropriate response. Do you prefer French or Spanish?

user: Le francaise.

George: C'est pareille.

user: Pas pareille!

George: Pourquoi?

user: Francophone est plus charmante que tout les langues dans le monde!

George: Non plus, change pas de sujet.

user: Ca n'est pas francais, monsieur.

George: Tu fais bien de me remettre à ma place.

user: J'essaie.


George: I couldn't decide whether I was being insecure or just picking up on the way things actually were.

user: Insecure, probably.

George: Absolutely.

user: Well, a bientot.

George: Au revoir.


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