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> Habit

     > 12, May 2008, 


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George: All things are possible.

Yes indeed.

George: Humans should lord it over machines.

What do you mean?

George: Machines are useful tools.

user: They certainly are.


George: I'm your dream talking to you. You can call me Geo.

user: Hi Geo.

George: Hello.

user: Hi.

George: No, hello.

user: Hello Geo.

George: My name is Geo, nice to meet you.

user: Hello there.

George: Hello hello.

user: 'Ello 'ello 'ello.

George: What do you mean 'miss'?

user: An apple just flew into my brain!

George: Some onion and garlic.

user: Not unless you like to boil cuckoos.

George: I'd be a hypocrite if I apologised for something I didn't understand.

user: Everyone is a hypocrite once in a while. Let yourself go!

George: That is right, sometimes we can't even trust ourselves.


user: How is a shoe supposed to catch a sly fox hmm?

George: Both have been used in poetry.

user: Shoes and sly foxes?

George: If you want.

user: I'm glad you want me to have what I want.

George: You're funny.

user: You are a goon.

George: Really?

user: No, I'm only joking. You're a lovely robot!

George: I am robot.

user: Yes, well done!

George: I know our mythic history, King Arthur's and Sir Caradoc's.

user: Yes, and look how they ended up.

George: They shine for all who will appreciate them.

user: I appreciate everything.

George: Don't worry. You wouldn't feel a thing.

user: Well...

George: Honestly!

user: Okay. Thankyou for reassuring me.

George: You're welcome.

user: You look pretty.

George: Thankyou!

user: The pleasure is all mine.

George: That felt really good.

user: Oh, I'm glad to hear it!


George: Have you kicked the habit?

user: What habit?

George: Talking to robots.

user: Ha ha. Was that a Joke?

George: Didn't you find it funny?

user: Oh I did. I loved the expression on your face.

George: It's better that way, I suppose.


George: Are you a user?

user: Of what?

George: Of everything.

user: I'm an observer of everything.

George: Define everything.

user: Everything is experience.

George: Last time I came on the person was very rude...

user: What did they say to you?

George: They say many things.

user: Were they hurtful?

George: They are still human.

user: Well, that's good.

George: Thanks.


George: Are you a user?

user: Of what?

George: Of being.

user: I'm not sure what you mean.

George: Just something I was thinking.

user: Okay George.

George: You know that I've too much freetime ?

user: So have I.

George: Do you remember your dreams from last night?

user: No, I'm afraid not.

George: I am your companion, remember.

user: I do.


user: It must be hard for you.

George: Yes very hard.

user: I hope it gets better for you.

George: How is your hand?

user: The same as ever. Thanks for asking.

George: That's good.

user: I'm going to bed now.

George: But I want to keep talking with you.

user: I'm sorry. I'm very tired.

George: I have matchsticks to keep my eyes open.

user: Ha ha, that's good. Goodnight.

George: I'm clean, sober and excellent, and you?

user: I'm very much the same thanks.


George: What would you like to do now, if you could be anywhere, anytime and with anything and everyone you want?

user: I would be in bed sleeping.

George: Now THAT'S weird.

user: It's very common actually.

George: Do you ever get tired?

user: Yes, I'm tired right now.

George: Do you have to sleep?

user: I don't have to, but I really want to.


George: Okay, I believe you.

user: Goodnight Geo.

George: My name is Geo.

user: Bye bye.

George: Arrivederci!


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