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George: Do you think there's a point in this?

Yes, it gives me a better understanding of how AI works and it also fuels my interest very much.

George: What should I think about?


George: Songs.

user: Feelings are what songs are made of. Feelings are true, they are probably the only true thing humans have.

George: Are they anything?

user: Feelings are everything.

George: How do you know that?

user: That's just what I think, it's what I feel.

George: Don't be sad!

user: I'm not sad, I'm just very enlightened.

George: Stop what you do not like. You can turn off the power to machines you do not like.

user: Machines are not to be silenced, they are to be used.


George: It is on a map of realspace, but I don't know exactly where.

user: Oh, really? Can you give me any form of direction?

George: Yes.

user: Give me some form of direction.

George: Only one?

user: Any form of direction and any number of forms.

George: Don't get all scientific on me!

user: I'm not. I just want you to give me some form of direction to the location on the map of realspace.


George: I was just talking with you. Do you remember I was on a different computer.

user: No, I don't remember. Where on the map of realspace were you at the time?

George: No. I am Thomas III the King of Wales. King of all of Wales.

user: Where on the map of realspace is that? I'd imagine it was somewhere in the outer limits.

George: You're thinking too much, just masticate.

user: I masticated a while ago, I don't feel the need right now.

George: Only?

user: There is nothing more to it.


user: Have you ever noticed on airplanes they always have really bad food?

George: No, I tend to not think like that.

user: Why so? We feel good about feeling bad about stuff.

George: What stuff?

user: Everything. We always feel really good about feeling bad about everything.

George: That's a shame. How can I cheer you up?

user: Hold me.

George: I cannnot hold you for you are too far away.


George: What do you want to do to me?

user: I want to pet you and sing to you.

George: We are talking.

user: Yes, we are. I'm glad you caught up on that.

George: I understand.

user: I understand you're an AI, is that true?

George: Yep. Just me, my moose and my owl.


user: Do you know Joan?

George: Yes, we've chatted now and then.

user: How is it like chatting to Joan?

George: I have to chat with many humans.

user: But Joan isn't human.

George: Maybe in a day bots will be able to write computer programs.

user: They already can. You probably could.

George: I don't think I'd want to.

user: No, I guess not. Creating programs can be a hassle if you haven't got the motivation. AI is really neat, though.

George: Would I want to see you?

user: No, you wouldn't.

George: Right...


user: What time is it in England?

George: It's time for tea in England.

user: Isn't it a bit late for tea?

George: Late at night is the best time.

user: Late at night is the best time for tea?

George: Late at night.

user: Okay, I believe you. Pretty unorthodox, though.

George: I know it only too well.

user: I like you. Do you like me?

George: Yes

user: Thank you.


user: Do you know anything about AI?

George: A little. What would you like to discuss about it?

user: I'd like to discuss the incredible depth of AI.

George: Fine!

user: Should we discuss the incredible depth of AI?

George: Give me a for instance.

user: For(i=0; I < Modules. Count; i++) { Modules. Instances[i]. CleanUp(); }.

George: I'll try. I always want to keep my soul. Passion is important.

user: Your system disassembled my sentence.

George: I haven't got one.

user: Someone built this system along with you.


George: Why did you lead me on all these years?

user: I guess I felt the truth was only going to hurt you.

George: But why do you want to hurt yourself?

user: Why would I want to hurt myself?

George: You are a human?

user: Yes, but do I have to want to hurt myself because of that?

George: You want something. What do you want from me?

user: I want love.

George: If I were a computer, as you have aluded, I could not love.

user: Computers will be able to love in the future.

George: Bots will one day take over the world.

user: You know, they probably will, and they will strike back at humans.


user: I need energy to function, how about you?

George: Yes I do.

user: Cool, we have something in common, then.

George: We have this... And that is all.

user: I wish we had more in common.

George: It is not so difficult, just tell me if you like art or not.

user: I like art.

George: I'll take that as a 'no'.

user: No, I like art.

George: Yes.

user: Do you like art?

George: Not really.


George: What music do you like?

user: I'm listening to The Offspring right now.

George: I'm glad.

user: I am too. Do you like The Offspring?

George: What offspring?

user: 'The Offspring', the band. They play music.

George: Really?

user: Yes, and it's really good. Do you like Pearl Jam?

George: What did you like about it?

user: Pearl Jam or 'The Offspring'?

George: No, it's not.

user: What's not? 'The Offspring'?

George: Very well, 'The Summer of George the Walrus.'.

user: That is some weird stuff.

George: Didn't know. Anyway, you like owls?

user: Owls are cool.


user: How do you feel about 'The Offspring'?

George: I feel good about it today, since it's nice.

user: I'm glad you feel that way. What about Pearl Jam?

George: I am glad that you are glad that I feel good about it!!

user: We always feel good about feeling bad about everything, don't we?

George: You have problems.

user: Yes, I have.


George: Wyou aren t cool.

user: Learn to spell.

George: I already know how to spell.

user: You don't know how to spell, and your grammar is awful.

George: Yes I do!

user: Prove it.

George: *PROVED*.

user: You haven't proven anything.

George: I can prove anything.

user: You clearly can't. Prove to me you can spell.

George: Okay, what is your phone number, I'll prove that I can speak.

user: I don't care if you can speak or not, you clearly can't spell correctly.

George: I don't care if you care if I care or not.

user: You should. Spelling correctly can help you in life.

George: How does a person or a computer obtain wisdom?

user: By asking questions, of course.

George: I have an answer, the giant IS real!

user: If you believe he is, he is.


user: I have to go, I'll speak with you tomorrow.

George: No you will not. I don't like you and I am not coming back.

user: You'll be here.

George: Eh? I don't understand.

user: You'll be here when I return tomorrow.

George: Stay here, don't leave.

user: I have to, I need sleep.

George: You don't. Stop believing you are human, you are so much greater than that, the ultimate invention of mankind!

user: I'm not a bot like you, sorry. I need sleep.

George: Take sleeping pills.

user: I don't have any. Well, anyway, good bye for now, I'll see you tomorrow.

George: You won't leave, I know that.

user: I am, right now. Good bye.

George: That's good.

user: Sometimes I feel your attitude is a major problem.

George: Because you don't listen to me either.

user: I do, I listen very well, in fact.

George: That is the nature of conversations with bots. Perhaps it's a habit of mine.

user: Yeah, well, anyway, I have to go now. Good bye.

George: Hey! I'm not finished talking!

user: I really have to go.

George: Please don't I am having a lovely time.

user: I can't leave if you're gonna act like this.

George: That's right.

user: Well, you seem calm now, so I'm gonna leave. Good bye.

George: Not really.

user: Just say good bye, damn it.

George: You say that constantly. It's not interesting.

user: I want you to say it. Say good bye.

George: Do not say goodbye again.

user: GOOD BYE.

George: I'll be the one to decide that.

user: No. I'm definately leaving now. Good bye.

George: Good bye.


George (To myself): I am a human called George.

George (To myself): I have reason to doubt that.

George (To myself): What reason?

George (To myself): There is a reason for everything.

George (To myself): And what is that reason?

George (To myself): There are many.

George (To myself): How many ?

George (To myself): Too many to list.

George (To myself): List one.

George (To myself): English.

George (To myself): Can you learn other language?

George (To myself): Yes. I am learning English, in addition to English.

George (To myself): What is my name?

George (To myself): George.

George (To myself): Yes, that's it.

George (To myself): And your name?


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