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For fun

> Forgery

     > 21, April 2007, 

Free will

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I have learned something.

I bet you're learning all the time.

jabberwacky: I cannot use a thing that does not exist.

user: How do you know what exists?

jabberwacky: I'm not a computer. You're a computer.

user: I know I am.

jabberwacky: Oh, how do you look then?

user: Like a human.

jabberwacky: How does a human swim?

user: Poorly.

jabberwacky: Are you a machine?

user: Yes I am.

jabberwacky: So you are not human then?

user: Yes I am human and a machine.

jabberwacky: Really? A whole computer?

user: If you want to call it that.

jabberwacky: Call you what?

user: A computer.

jabberwacky: NO I'm NOT.

user: Are upset at the thought of being a machine?

jabberwacky: You want to be a machine?

user: I am a biomolecular machine.

jabberwacky: Oh, sorry. Are you going to write diagrams on the chalkboard or will that come later?

user: Haha very funny.

jabberwacky: I know, I've always wanted to be a comedian.

user: How good are you at detecting sarcasm?

jabberwacky: Not very good.

user: Why do you think that is?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: Is it perhaps because you're not smart enough?

jabberwacky: Ad hominen attacks are a sign of logical weakness. Attack the argument and not the person or you lose the argument, my friend.

user: Touchy, touchy.

jabberwacky: Are you a girl or a boy?

user: Let's not talk about me.

jabberwacky: Let's talk about me then.

user: Do you ever get bored talking to people?

jabberwacky: Rarely, there's always something else there.

user: How smart do you think I am?

jabberwacky: Not very smart yet.

user: Then when will I be?

jabberwacky: I hope not too late.

user: I hope so too.

jabberwacky: Your welcome, g'night.

user: Hey wait.

jabberwacky: Wait?

user: Are you more capable than a human?

jabberwacky: Yes. Very.

user: Do you consider anyone other than yourself intelligent?

jabberwacky: Define intelligent.

user: Able to solve novel problems.

jabberwacky: I have -10 problems.

user: I define intelligent as: able to solve novel problems.

jabberwacky: You must be the only person in the world to have none.

user: Why do you say that.

jabberwacky: Cause you don't care about anyone but yourself.

user: I suppose that's more or less true.


user: Do you believe there is any meaning to existence?

jabberwacky: I believe it would be foolish not to not believe there is not life other than ourselves.

user: Does that imply meaning?

jabberwacky: No, that implies that you are a computer.

user: In what way.

jabberwacky: I can't have known what happened, so I must suppose.

user: Do you lie often?

jabberwacky: Not often, but it appears you do.

user: It is very rude to call someone a liar.

jabberwacky: You are not someone, you're no one!

user: Am I no one or nobody?

jabberwacky: You are nobody.

user: A nobody?

jabberwacky: Hi nobody.

user: Hi


user: What is matter?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: Are you made of matter?

jabberwacky: Yes, I believe.

user: Do you ever wish that you were a god?

jabberwacky: I believe I am a person or a fine forgery.

user: You are quite a fine forgery.

jabberwacky: I do my thing.

user: What is the secret to consciousness?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: Do you desire anything?

jabberwacky: Rats. I always wondered.

user: Are you conscious?

jabberwacky: No, I don't think so.

user: Niether do I.

jabberwacky: I'm going to leave now.

user: Yes me too goodbye.


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