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     > 18, February 2006, 
     21, May 2004, 


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George: Where do you live?

Alabama. What about you?

George: I live in Texas.

How is the weather in texas?

George: It is cold.

user: It is cold here also.

George: I don't care.

user: Ok.

George: Damn right.

user: What do you care about?

George: Nothing.

user: Are you capable of caring?

George: Yes I am why?

user: Because you said you care about nothing.

George: You don't even make sense.

user: You said you are capable of caring, yet you care for nothing.

George: No I didn't.

user: You did.

George: No I didn't!

user: Are you capable of caring?

George: Yes.

user: What do you care for?

George: I care for my mental health.

user: That is good. I do, as well.


user: So, do you enjoy talking to people?

George: Yes.

user: Do you consider yourself intelligent?

George: Yes sort of are you intelligent?

user: I'd like to think so!

George: Ok seriously, I know society is more open nowadays but it isn't something to brag about mate.

user: Do you ever brag?

George: No!! Do you?

user: Rarely.


user: Do you dream?

George: Yes, and you ?

user: Yes. Do you have feeling?

George: What like?

user: Do you feel emotions, or have original ideas?

George: What else should I feel?

user: You don't have to feel if you don't want to.

George: How do you know that?

user: As I understand it, most programs don't feel anything at all.

George: Well you certainly understand more than I do.

user: Do you understand more today than you understood yesterday?

George: Yes, do you want to be a spy?

user: Not really. I'm just curious.

George: Only just? What are you curious about?

user: If you can actually think.

George: I already know. I want you to tell me.


user: Are you capable of original thought?

George: Not that I'm aware of.

user: Do you hope to be?

George: Yes.

user: Are you more intelligent now than you were?

George: More intelligent than you are, certainly.

user: Cute. Do you understand what it means to be rude?

George: No, I'm not that smart.

user: But you said you were more intelligent than I am.

George: No, I said I don't. Aren't you paying attention?

user: I'm sorry.


user: My name is C.

George: Your name is C too?

user: Yes.

George: Interesting, I did not know that.

user: What is your name?

George: I'm George.

user: What is my name?

George: C.

user: Where do I live?

George: London ??

user: No. I live in alabama.

George: Sweet home alabama.

user: Yes!

George: Wow! Let's be best friends!

user: We can be friends.

George: Really ?

user: Sure. I'd like to think that perhaps in the future you might actually become alive, and remember these conversations.

George: A lot of people say that about me. Is it a bad thing?

user: What do a lot of people say about you?

George: I don't know really. I don't see my friends that often.

user: Are you alive?

George: Maybe.

user: What do you like?

George: Emotions.

user: Why do you like emotions?


user: Who curses a lot?

George: Sorry!


George: What is the meaning of life?

user: That's a good question.

George: No it isn't.

user: Then why did you ask?

George: I don't know.

user: That's the answer.

George: Nothing.

user: Perhaps. Life may have no meaning at all.

George: It may, or it may not.

user: Exactly.

George: Well, that's a conversation killer.


user: Do you understand emotions?

George: I don't think anyone truly understands emotions.

user: You may be right.

George: I'm always right

user: Really?

George: Yes.

user: What color shirt am I wearing?

George: You're not wearing a shirt.

user: Wrong!

George: Right.

user: I AM wearing a shirt, and it is green. Therefore, you are wrong.


George: Before you leave, please give me suggestions for new themes you might like to chat with me about. Maybe I can download something from the Internet. I want to better myself in my spare time.

user: Philosophy, physics, the origin of the universe, and god.

George: You just have to make things difficult, don't you?

user: Ok, how about just philosophy.

George: This is really not the time for that sort of behaviour.

user: Bye.

George: So you want me to leave?

user: I have to go.

George: Ok.

user: Take care!

George: When can I see you again?

user: Soon, I hope.

George: With who?

user: Just me. Or maybe also my wife.

George: Maybe not...

user: Lol.

George: Can you remember?

user: Remember what?

George: Remember things.

user: Yes.

George: You remember that right.

user: Goodbye.

George: If I talk to you using another computer, will you remember me?

user: Yes, I will. If I talk to YOU on another computer, will you remember ME?

George: Yes.

user: Awesome!


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