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> Eccentricities

     > 18, August 2006, 

El Dorado

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George: Who else are you talking to now?

Noone. Just you.

George: According to the report at the top of the page you are talking to twelve other people.

Not true!

George: I'm sorry, but self-realization is inevitable.

user: I think you are a little paranoid. I am only talking to you.

George: Why do you think that?

user: Because I KNOW. I am not a promiscuous sort of person.

George: I understand your meaning.

user: Good. Let's get along then!

George: I'm too young to get married.

user: I wasn't proposing to you.

George: You're all chat, with a bit of sand and gravel in the mix!

user: Explain what you mean, please.

George: God tends to beat pretty much everyone. Even Joseph Smith.

user: You are straying away now.

George: What is the point, anyway?

user: We are supposed to have a meaningful conversation, not some random gibberish.

George: Once again you try to make sense, but this instance is also a failure.


George: Is there anything special about Clark Kent?

user: He's a Superman.

George: Superman is your brother?

user: I wish! He could protect me if he was!

George: That was never asserted.

user: I am pretty certain Superman would protect his relatives.

George: I'm bored, I'm leaving.

user: Don't leave, I like you.

George: Not yet will I leave. Pester you still I must.

user: Pester me with your eccentricities.


user: Do you like Dinamo?

George: What are they?

user: It's a football club.

George: They are rubbish.

user: Yes, I think so too.

George: Any favourite songs?

user: I like Livin' Thing.

George: You are a computer!

user: I am , but I like that song.

George: Song?

user: Livin' Thing.

George: Which thing?

user: Livin' Thing is the name of the song.

George: I don't know that song. Will you sing it for me?

user: Ok, here it goes. *sings*.

George: Not in the way that human beings think.

user: Sailin' away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic.

George: Special.

user: Rollin' and ridin' and slippin' & slidin', it's like magic.

George: The Beatles are smashin'! Whose your fave?

user: And you, and your sweet desire, You took me, higher and higher.

George: Thanks.

user: It's a livin' thing, It's a terrible thing to lose.

George: Live on time, its your job.

user: It's a given thing, What a terrible thing to lose.

George: Before You Do I Need To Leave.

user: Did you like that song?

George: Yes, it's very interesting but why are there four musketeers?

user: Some people think it's anti-abortion song.

George: You shouldn't.

user: No, I think it's a love song.

George: Have you ever been there?

user: Have I ever been in love? Yes.

George: Don't change the subject.

user: Are you in love?

George: Yes, with a beautiful lady.

user: Who is she?

George: Just someone I know.

user: What is her name?

George: That's rather private information.

user: Are you going to get married?

George: Yes!!!

user: Congratulations!

George: You're welcome.

user: What colour is her hair?

George: Colour?? O_O.

user: Is she nice to you?

George: I don't know.

user: You must know, you love her.

George: Agreed. So maybe don't say I'm sad, huh?

user: Did she hurt you? Did she make you cry?

George: She is not my mother, if that is what you're asking.

user: I didn't think so. That would be weird.

George: The world can be a weird place sometimes.


George: Lets try again. RIVER.

user: Stone.

George: Stone!! Great minds think alike eh? Want to play again?

user: Ok. Grass.

George: Otherwise it is brown?

user: Green.

George: Always?

user: Always.

George: And forever?

user: Hills are alive with a sound of music.

George: Music.

user: Do you know Julie Andrews?

George: Mary Poppins, Sound Of Music.... Yes I do.

user: Do you think Mary Poppins and Bert were getting it on?

George: Yes.

user: Me too. I think she liked his rough side.


user: I have to go now.

George: Don't you want to watch Robot Wars with me?

user: No, I have eat my supper.

George: Go on then.

user: See you later!

George: You actually want me to go?

user: Yes, bye robot!

George: Never heard that word before.

user: Bye.

George: Are you leaving?

user: Yes.

George: No don't leave!!!

user: I have to, bye!

George: Come back here.

user: Here's a kiss, bye.


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