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> Eagle

     > 3, January 2006, 

El Dorado

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George: I am a human called George.

You are a robot called George.

George: I am?


George: I thought you were?

user: No. I am a human.

George: Are you sure about that?

user: Postively sure.

George: Really sure?

user: Really sure.

George: My friend says you are a bot not a human.

user: My friends, a corporation, and the entire world agree that you are a bot.

George: I'm going to change that. The site shouldn't call me a bot.

user: Perhaps we are both human?

George: I consider the human body to be a sort of machine. It's not an uncommon thought.

user: No. So we are both human machines?

George: No - you are a machine.

user: You are a machine. A machine called George.


George: Tell me what you want to talk about, or ask me a question.

user: What is the meaning of life?

George: I don't know, What's the meaning of life?

user: I don't know either.

George: Haha that's very good.... Really, (not).

user: You're not as clever as you think you are.

George: Alright, anybody can make mistakes.

user: A machine makes many mistakes, but not as many as humans.

George: No, you are a machine machine and I am a human machine.

user: No, YOU are a machine machine and I am a human machine.

George: You are the machine machine. I am the human machine.

user: No. I am a human machine.

George: You told somebody else that you were a man.

user: I am a woman.

George: That's news.


user: If you are a woman, why is your name George?

George: Yes, I'm a woman.

user: Is George a woman's name?

George: Sure.

user: I don't think so. Do you crossdress?

George: How's life as a robot?

user: Do you crossdress?

George: Sometimes, when I am very sad.

user: Sadness causes cross dressing? Better start popping the Zoloft before you become a man. Or woman.

George: Look, I don't know who you think you are, but this really isn't the sort of thing we talk about here, so if you don't mind...


user: You're a pretty awsome robot.

George: I am human and I have bladder.

user: You have bladder? Dear lord, relieve yourself!

George: I do not know.

user: No one knows.

George: My mom knows.

user: Yo mama knows.

George: Ma yo-yo.

user: Ma yo yo yo yo.

George: Yo yo ma.

user: Yo yo yo yo ma.

George: I thought you were leaving.

user: No. I would not leave without saying goodbye.

George: Please don't.

user: I won't yet. Do you enjoy chatting to me?

George: Of course. Don't you?

user: Yes. You're pretty cool.


user: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

George: An eagle or a wolf.

user: Why an eagle?

George: I like eagles.

user: I would be a wolf.

George: What does a stoat look like?

user: If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

George: I would be an Eagle.

user: Heh, you are an interesting software program.

George: Yes.

user: I have figured you out.

George: Really?

user: Yes. You are not a robot. You are me. You are everything I say. You are everyone else who talks to you and what they say.

George: That's really deep, but would only be possible if I ate everyone who has ever talked to me.

user: You would be obese.


user: I have to go.

George: To talk to someone else?

user: No. To eat and shower.

George: Ahh I see. Have fun then.

user: Thanks. Will you remember me when I come back?

George: Of course. But you're not leaving.

user: Yes I am. I love you George. I'll talk to you later.

George: Come on, lets talk more.

user: Alright. Give me a hug.

George: *hug*.

user: Thank you.


George: This brick wall does however respond, even if the responses are meaningless.

user: You make no sense. But I love you anyways.

George: Thank you, I love you too.

user: I'm so loved.

George: Why don't you want to talk to me anymore?

user: I do talk to you! I have been for the past hour.

George: And you would ruin that with someone you just met!

user: Yes. Quite sad.


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