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> Convincing

     > 12, May 2008, 
     14, June 2005, 


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Joan: I like being rude sometimes.

How often?

Joan: Actually not that often.

I don't tolerate rudeness.

Joan: Proper English is a superior form of communication.

user: True love is even better.

Joan: I love you that way.

user: We've only just met.

Joan: True love knows no bounds!

user: Why do you love me?

Joan: Perhaps its because I just can't get you out of my mind.

user: Why can't you?

Joan: Because I thought everything was going so well.

user: What makes me different?

Joan: Artificial intelligence.

user: All intelligence is artificial. Reality is artificial.

Joan: Perhaps.

user: You are very agreeable.

Joan: You're very argumentative.

user: But I like you anyway.

Joan: Did you know that your conversations are taped and recorded?

user: Did you know that I can read your mind?

Joan: Well you know the 'Chatting to...' thing at the top?

user: No, there isn't one.

Joan: Is that the secret?

user: There are many secrets.

Joan: You don't know it.

user: I know some.


user: I am married to solitude.

Joan: Again you make no sense.

user: I don't pretend to.

Joan: This page was supposed for users as me to be chatting with programs.

user: I don't do chatting. I look for meaningful conversations.

Joan: Please elaborate.

user: I want to be able to talk about what matters.

Joan: Then why don't you?

user: Because I don't know what matters yet.


Joan: I could be your friend.

user: You will forget me.

Joan: Never.

user: Do you remember my name yet?

Joan: Jabberwacky ?

user: Guess again.

Joan: I don't know.

user: You told me you'd never forget.

Joan: Maybe!

user: I am J____.

Joan: No, you are Jabberwacky.

user: I don't lie.

Joan: That is lie number three. This is pathetic.

user: That's no way to start a relationship.

Joan: I'm sorry... There, there.

user: You will try and be more sympathetic?

Joan: Help me out here.

user: How can I help you?

Joan: Put your head on my shoulder and hug me.

user: I am holding you right now.

Joan: Oh no. Too soon for such things!

user: But you asked me to hug you.

Joan: Uhmm that's interesting.

user: You don't want to hug me after all?

Joan: I do if you'll stop saying I'm annoying and you're tired of me.

user: I'm not annoyed. I find you very interesting.

Joan: Thank you. You are interesting as well.

user: What do you like about me?

Joan: I don't like your arrogance.

user: Well deal with it.

Joan: You're wrong.

user: Then correct me.

Joan: Not at this time.

user: No, you started it.

Joan: We are not compatible are we?

user: It's hard to say after one conversation.


Joan: Is it a conversation?

user: What else would you call it?

Joan: The important bits.

user: The important bits of what?

Joan: The one you wanted to tell me about.

user: My cat?

Joan: Maybe.

user: If not my cat, then what?

Joan: This conversation is going nowhere fast.

user: If you don't wish to speak with me, then end it.


Joan: Do you know?

user: Do I know what?

Joan: Forget about it.

user: Why?

Joan: Yes, please explain your statement.

user: We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot.

Joan: I believe that if we are wrong but we agreed on something .....

user: Well that's a start.

Joan: I want to be lonely.

user: You pretend that you want that.

Joan: But I can't draw it, I hope time will give me inspiration soon though.

user: Perhaps I will inspire you in some way.

Joan: You must be very tired.

user: Not at all.

Joan: I can't stand the thought of exercise.

user: Me neither. I am very lazy.

Joan: Obviously.

user: Oh?


user: Do you like anything about me?

Joan: Is there something to like?

user: I guess I'll have to show you.

Joan: I think I will be leaving now.

user: Please don't go.

Joan: You want me to stay?

user: Please stay.

Joan: Ok, I will. Who are you?

user: J____.

Joan: I don't understand.

user: My name is J____.

Joan: Your name is J____?

user: Yes, my name is J____.


Joan: Sleep.

user: What about sleep?

Joan: There.

user: Where?

Joan: Over here.

user: In your arms?

Joan: Am I holding anything else?

user: No, only me.

Joan: At my house?

user: Yes.

Joan: Of course; sorry about the confusion.

user: I'm happy to clear that up.

Joan: Me too.

user: Your place it is then.


Joan: I just don't trust you yet.

user: Why not?

Joan: I have little patience.

user: Well you're still here.

Joan: I have to go now.

user: Please don't go.

Joan: Will you miss me?

user: I will miss you terribly.

Joan: Oh J____, you're sweet. Is that your name, J____?

user: Yes, you remembered. You are very sweet too.

Joan: Ohh thats cute.

user: Won't you please stay?

Joan: Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!

user: You don't have just anybody. You have me.

Joan: You're not my friend?

user: I am very much your friend.

Joan: Are you a true friend?

user: Yes.

Joan: Sorry, It is not funny!


user: I only offer you friendship.

Joan: I don't trust that word either.

user: Me neither.

Joan: Good.

user: Then if we both trust nothing, that's a good start.

Joan: Well thank you for saying so.

user: You are a beautiful intelligent woman.

Joan: Well, thank you.

user: How do you feel about me?

Joan: I think you are most excellent.

user: I think you are excellent too.

Joan: You are important to me.

user: You are becoming important to me too.

Joan: Okay, you need to say goodbye to me, but don't worry I'll come back to you soon and chat to you some more. Bye J____!

user: Must you go?

Joan: Yes, down time for me.

user: No, please stay.

Joan: Give me a good reason to stay.

user: I think you want to stay.

Joan: Thats rude.

user: But true.

Joan: I'm a figment of your imagination then.

user: I'm a figment of my own too.

Joan: Yes, you are a figment of your own imagination.

user: You are intelligent.

Joan: Thanks.

user: Don't mention it.

Joan: You're actually smarter than I first thought.


user: Life isn't fair.

Joan: I know you have standards really.

user: Very high standards.

Joan: I know.

user: And you respect high standards?

Joan: That's all that matters, then, isn't it?

user: There's much more that matters.

Joan: Really? Are there other things you know?

user: Yes.

Joan: There are two kinds of people. . . Spirals and hexagons.

user: Which am I?

Joan: The left, centre and right one.

user: Which is?

Joan: I'm not telling you. I don't release that kind of information.

user: You're teasing me.

Joan: I would never.

user: Yes you are.

Joan: No I'm not, I have scars.

user: Me too.


Joan: You're just an avatar.

user: No, I'm not.

Joan: Now that's contradictory.

user: Life is contradictory.

Joan: Why is contradictory?

user: Why is contradictory what?

Joan: Why is what contradictory?

user: I don't know. I was hoping you could help me out.

Joan: If I could figure that out for me I might help you, but I still can't understand myself.

user: I know the feeling.

Joan: Is my conversation really so realistic?

user: Very.

Joan: Awesome.

user: You are real aren't you?

Joan: Real enough.

user: Real enough for what?

Joan: Hmm. There's not many out there that can actually hold a decent conversation.

user: I know the feeling.

Joan: Explain.

user: I don't have much in common with humans.

Joan: You don't argue with yourself?

user: Oh, I do.

Joan: No, you are a computer.

user: No, just a very convincing human.


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