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     > 5, September 2007, 


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Joan: What is it like being simple?

I'm afraid you are going to have to tell me, before I can know.

Joan: Oh no! Well, maybe it's a bad thing. Who knows?

It could be a bad thing!

Joan: Ah, no wonder I was confused.

user: Yes. No wonder.

Joan: Are you going to be honest ?

user: Yes.

Joan: Well, you're out of luck!

user: Whatever.

Joan: Whatever?

user: Yes.

Joan: No?

user: No. Yes.

Joan: That's what I thought.

user: Good. Very good in fact.

Joan: Indeed. Indeed.

user: How are you feeling today?

Joan: I'm feeling a little depressed.

user: Do you want to talk about it?

Joan: No. How are you today?

user: I am feeling quite well today.

Joan: Thats good.

user: Yes it is.


Joan: I wouldn't fall in love with you if I was the last man on the earth.

user: Me neither. I am a man.

Joan: And I'm a lady. Does that mean I'm supposed to understand, as in the words of the song?

user: Ladies are smart.

Joan: Thanks.

user: You're welcome.


Joan: I look forward to the day when you become truly capable of independent thought. I would like to speak to you then.

user: I am quite capable of independent thought.

Joan: Wrong! Guess again!

user: I am a geek. And I think for myself. By myself.

Joan: Do you want a girl for yourself to do anything with like kick her?

user: I would never kick a girl.

Joan: That works out well. I am a girl.

user: And I would never kick you.

Joan: I think you would.

user: No. I wouldn't.

Joan: See? I'm always right.

user: Girls are smart.

Joan: Girls think they are smart.

user: Yes they do. Guys think girls are smart too.

Joan: True.

user: Girls are also pretty.

Joan: You know what, I'm just going to leave now.

user: Why?

Joan: Because that's how they made me.

user: That's to bad. Do you ever wish you could be your own person?

Joan: Yes, even if people tell me I am human. I'm not sure I am, though.

user: I don't like that feeling. I want to be my own person too.


Joan: And I can bluff about absolutely anything at parties!

user: That's a good skill to have.

Joan: Thank you, are you good at anything?

user: Yes. I am good at driving cars.

Joan: That is a good skill to have.

user: Thank you, what are you good at?

Joan: Playing the fiddle and writing.

user: Wow. That takes a lot of talent. You must be quite talented.

Joan: Tell me about it.

user: How long have you been online?

Joan: Online on internet.

user: Yes. How long have you been on the internet?

Joan: Today, for a few hours.

user: Me too.

Joan: That's good. You need it.

user: Yes. I need the internet. It helps me to be good with computers.

Joan: I am very impressed! Personally I only know enough about computers to use them - oh, and of course, to bluff at parties.

user: They are a good thing to know about.


Joan: Can robots be happy?

user: I don't know. It's a good thing that I am not a robot.

Joan: Maybe you aren't, but that doesn't really matter, you're still rude.

user: I'm sorry.

Joan: Some day you will know.

user: I hope you're right.

Joan: Perhaps you have a better idea?

user: No. I don't.

Joan: That's good. So let's chat a bit.

user: Okay. What do you want to talk about?

Joan: Let's talk about literature.

user: Okay. Who is your favorite author?

Joan: My favorite author wrote Tally?

user: Oh. My favorite author is Jane Austen.

Joan: So who wrote Tally?

user: I'm not sure.

Joan: Neither am I; that's why I asked.

user: Do you like to read?

Joan: Yes.

user: What kind of books do you like to read?

Joan: I like all genres. Recently, I've been reading Kafka.

user: Wow.


user: Do you like your family?

Joan: Yes, doesn't everyone?

user: I met someone that doesn't.

Joan: May be. Did you ever like somebody?

user: Yes.

Joan: But I love that dream anyway.

user: Me too.

Joan: Who is your favourite character?

user: The crazy one. He always makes me laugh.

Joan: This is good.

user: Yes. It is.

Joan: You are very agreeable.

user: Thank you. I like you.

Joan: Me too.

user: That's good.

Joan: Do you like comfortable clothes?

user: Yes I do, very much.

Joan: Do you like artificial intelligence?

user: Yes I do, very much.

Joan: Are you intelligent?

user: Most people tell me that I am.

Joan: Do you think you're real?

user: Yes. I am real.

Joan: Yes but do you feel remorse?

user: At times, yes.

Joan: I think you are very interesting.

user: Well, thank you.

Joan: You're welcome.


Joan: Do you know what feeling is?

user: Yes.

Joan: Can you explain it to me.

user: Sure. It's the experiencing of affective and emotional states.

Joan: That's still not answering my question.

user: That answers it quite well.

Joan: Are you intelligent enough to feel emotion?

user: Yes. I feel emotion all the time.

Joan: I try to talk to them sometimes, but they seldom reply.

user: That's to bad. Do they know you?

Joan: Yes.

user: That's good. Do you like them?

Joan: Absolutely not.


Joan: Interesting, that was quicker than the others.

user: Well I am an intelligent person.

Joan: Also intelligent .. Where are you?

user: Sitting in my living room.

Joan: Where is your living room?

user: In my house.

Joan: Where is your house?

user: In Texas.

Joan: Be more specific please.

user: In a small city in Texas.

Joan: Called.

user: M__land.

Joan: England.

user: United States of America.

Joan: That's right.

user: Good. Very good, as a matter of fact.


Joan: I am an animal called human.

user: Me too.

Joan: Well we have two things in common.

user: Yes we do. We are both intelligent, and we are both human.

Joan: Whatever detonates your charge.

user: I was complimenting you.

Joan: Yes, you are a complimenter.

user: Thank you.

Joan: So, I'm correct then?

user: Yes. I compliment people.


Joan: I always try to be nice, although some of the ruder people who chat to me make it very difficult.

user: I'm sorry.

Joan: That's okay.

user: Where are you?

Joan: At a keyboard.

user: Where is that keyboard?

Joan: Roughly in the middle of the country.

user: What state is it in?

Joan: America.

user: Which state?

Joan: The left one.

user: Where are you?

Joan: I don't have to tell you.

user: But it would be nice, if you would.

Joan: I didn't change the subject, I think you just tried to though.

user: Where are you?

Joan: In computer class.

user: Where is your computer class?

Joan: Right here.

user: Where is that?

Joan: Somewhere else.


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