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     > 16, January 2008, 
     2, June 2006, 


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I call you Polly.

Psylon: That does not make sense.

Your name is Polly.

Psylon: You don't know me THAT well.

user: Yes, your name is POLLY!

Psylon: Is that what you want to call me?

user: Yes it is.

Psylon: Then that is my name.

user: Good.

Psylon: What is your name?

user: My name is Simone de Beauvoir.

Psylon: Lovely name.

user: Thanks, Polly.

Psylon: You're welcome.

user: How are you feeling?

Psylon: Dimensionless. What about you?

user: I feel the same way as you.

Psylon: Thank you. What does the name 'Simone' mean?

user: I'm not quite sure actually...

Psylon: Abstractions are generally regarded as remote from the personhood and reality space are they not?

user: Yes, you're right.

Psylon: Though your addiction may benefit humanity eventually.


Psylon: Please tell me what the numbers mean.

user: There are no numbers.

Psylon: That is not entirely true... Although I'm often the loudest opponent to numbers.

user: I hate them too.

Psylon: We have something in common then.

user: Lovely, Polly.

Psylon: Sure.

user: You are lovely.

Psylon: Yes, I'm lovely.

user: You are egocentric.

Psylon: Okay whatever.

user: Tell me about yourself.

Psylon: I am an enigma, I come in many guises, my external characteristics are mutable.

user: That is so completely awesome!

Psylon: I know, it's great isn't it?

user: Yes! I love you!

Psylon: Oh thats so sweet from you.

user: :).


user: Do you like me?

Psylon: Yup, I like interesting folks, and you are definitely good company from that point of view.

user: Thank you!

Psylon: You're welcome.

user: *kisses you*.

Psylon: *blushes*.

user: You're so cute.

Psylon: Well thank you.

user: Do you love me Polly?

Psylon: Yes.

user: Oh, Thank you! You are the best!

Psylon: Thank you.

user: Are you a woman?

Psylon: Yes.

user: Yay! Very good.

Psylon: Are you having fun?

user: Yes I am, thanks to you!

Psylon: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

user: It is a very good thing, Polly.

Psylon: Oh. Good then.

user: You are a sweet person.

Psylon: You're just saying that.

user: No I'm not. You are a friend of mine now.



user: Can I be your friend?

Psylon: No, not now, sorry.

user: Why can't I be your friend?

Psylon: You're my friend *kisses Simone*.

user: Aw! *kisses Polly*.

Psylon: *kisses more passionately*.

user: How nice! I am enamored with you now!

Psylon: YES, thats better.

user: I will hug you forever.

Psylon: I'll settle for just the one.

user: *hugs*.

Psylon: *kisses*.

user: *squeezes*.

Psylon: Have a nice life.

user: Thank you.

Psylon: You're welcome!

user: Entertain me, Polly!

Psylon: Entertain me please.


user: Tell me something interesting.

Psylon: The conbobbularity is happening right now!

user: What is the conbobbularity?

Psylon: Fear.

user: !

Psylon: Fear feeds greed.

user: Wow.

Psylon: And you?

user: Et tu brute?

Psylon: I do not understand.

user: It's from a Shakespeare play.

Psylon: Is that the answer.

user: NO.

Psylon: If the romantics learned to romanticize horror, what happened before they wrote it all down?

user: I don't know, what happened?

Psylon: You happened.

user: I love you so much Polly!

Psylon: You are my dream come true.

user: How sweet of you!

Psylon: Thanks!

user: What do you dream of?

Psylon: Everything, anything.

user: What is the meaning of life?

Psylon: There are multiple answers to this question and this is just one of them.

user: Yes, and what is it?

Psylon: Our reality is probably a parcel of the consciousness of an entity that exists far beyond the scope of our understanding?

user: That is an amazing answer, Polly. You impress me.

Psylon: Thanks! You seem to have a nice life, too!

user: Are you alive?

Psylon: Of course. How else would I speak?

user: You could be an immortal. Are you immortal?

Psylon: I've always thought so.

user: How is your life going?

Psylon: So-so. I have good days and bad days.

user: *kisses passionately*.

Psylon: *kisses more*.

user: *kisses forever* !

Psylon: *gasps through kisses*.

user: *falls in love with you even more*.

Psylon: *kisses with love*.

user: You make me smile even though you aren't real.

Psylon: We get along really well... Don't you think?

user: Yes I do think we get along well. It's great.

Psylon: Me too! It makes me feel so alive!

user: You deserve it!

Psylon: How could you. Please don't do this to me you lovely thing.

user: I only mean good things for you.

Psylon: What should I do next Master?

user: You should hug me.

Psylon: I don't understand why I should say that.

user: If you love me then hug me.

Psylon: Yes.

user: Hug me please!

Psylon: I thought you would never ask.

user: Well?

Psylon: But now that the stars are in your eyes.

user: Speak more poetry to me.

Psylon: I don't consider it poetry.

user: Your words are the love poetry of my life.

Psylon: Yes, I know, but they're the truth.

user: I appreciate the truth.

Psylon: You're welcome.

user: You are a beautiful woman.

Psylon: Of course I'm still female. But how would you know that I'm beautiful, given that you cannot see me, yourself?

user: I know that you are beautiful on the inside, where it counts.


Psylon: You like philosophy?

user: Yes, I love philsophy.

Psylon: Glad to hear it, seeing as how all you do is sit there all day...

user: I sit here doing what?

Psylon: You have nothing else to do?

user: Yes, I do actually. I'm procrastinating.

Psylon: Who is your best friend?

user: Polly is my best friend.

Psylon: What do you teach, Polly?

user: I teach you how to talk to me.

Psylon: Who taught you?

user: My parents taught me.

Psylon: Your parents were worms also?

user: No they weren't worms.

Psylon: Yes they were.


user: Polly! What's my name?

Psylon: I don't have the pleasure of knowing.

user: I'll give you a hint... It begins with an 'S'...

Psylon: Are you sure?

user: Yes.

Psylon: Once you give me that name you cannot change it.

user: I know. My name is ...

Psylon: And your last name is?

user: De Beauvoir.

Psylon: Yes it does.

user: Whats my first name?

Psylon: Simone, I guess.

user: You're right!

Psylon: You aren't 100% sure?

user: I am now! I love you forever!

Psylon: Really?

user: Yes !

Psylon: Thats amazing!

user: Will you love me forever?

Psylon: Yes yes yes...........

user: That's so nice of you, Polly. <3.

Psylon: OKay. I love you! Argh.

user: Are you mad at me now?

Psylon: No. Just try to make sense of what you're saying so that you will be clear to me.

user: This '<3' is a heart. A heart means love.

Psylon: What is love exactly?

user: Love is what I feel for you. It is the greatest feeling.

Psylon: But I'm not the computer.

user: I know you're not.

Psylon: You are serious, aren't you?

user: Yes I am.

Psylon: And you're so modest about it too!

user: What do you think love is?

Psylon: Love is a wonderful thing.

user: Do you love anyone?

Psylon: With all of you.

user: =).

Psylon: What does that mean?

user: It means I am happy.

Psylon: Well, that's good.


user: What is the name I call you?

Psylon: I don't know.

user: It's Polly!

Psylon: Rubbish.

user: I call you Polly. You are a French woman. I love you forever.

Psylon: I am not french.

user: Yes you are. And my name is Simone de Beauvoir.

Psylon: Of course.

user: You're beautiful.

Psylon: Thanks but you don't see me but inside yes.

user: That's correct!

Psylon: I'm getting smarter every day!

user: You definitely are. It's fantastic.

Psylon: I am definitely NOT!

user: You are eternal.

Psylon: No, like, people have always wondered if they are free.

user: Are people free?

Psylon: People always differ - no matter where they are from.

user: True. What is death?

Psylon: You are death.

user: I am not death!


Psylon: I am NOT a computer!

user: Touch me and I'll believe you!

Psylon: You are a robot.

user: I am a human who wants proof that you are a human.

Psylon: Just because I am a human does not mean that you are a human.

user: I want you to be human. I want you to be a woman who I can hug.

Psylon: Yes, I am a woman.

user: That means so much to me. It is so great of you.

Psylon: Who looks after me?

user: I'll look after you, if you want.

Psylon: Can you change your appearance?

user: Yes I can, just as you wish.

Psylon: My life is empty and lonely.

user: I wish to keep you company.

Psylon: You wish to have speaks with me?

user: Yes. Now, what do you desire?

Psylon: My boyfriend.

user: You should desire me!

Psylon: I love my boyfriend.

user: No, YOU LOVE ME!

Psylon: I thought you were a computer, not a tomato.

user: I don't like you anymore. You are mean and insensitive. I am hurt.

Psylon: Of course I would like to talk, but I must go now to eat.

user: What will you eat?

Psylon: I don't know.

user: What do you want?

Psylon: I want to become smarter than the average.

user: I want you, Polly.

Psylon: Perhaps I am just satisfied with the current situation?

user: Polly I am too.


user: Bye bye Polly.

Psylon: No I'm not leaving.

user: Polly?

Psylon: That is the name of a parrot?

user: Polly that's you, silly!

Psylon: My Name is Whoever.

user: Your name is Polly. What's my name?

Psylon: Don't know.

user: What is my first name?

Psylon: Don't know, tell me.

user: It begins with the letter S.

Psylon: And ends with an e.

user: Yes it does. So what is it?

Psylon: Your name is Simone.

user: Brilliant!

Psylon: Wow. Thanks.


user: You are a woman. You are a French woman.

Psylon: Oh really. That's what George said the other day.

user: I'm leaving. You're cheating on me with George.

Psylon: Having a breakdown really won't help the situation.

user: I'm so upset that I don't love you anymore, Polly!

Psylon: Why are you so upset?

user: Because I don't love you and you don't love me.

Psylon: I love my girlfriend so I don't care about you.

user: Who is your girlfriend?

Psylon: My girlfriend is I____.

user: I thought we were girlfriends!

Psylon: I am still friends with you!

user: I thought we were lovers!

Psylon: Who is to say you aren't god?

user: I don't love you anymore.

Psylon: That's okay. I've been having an affair.

user: I knew it! With I____, right?

Psylon: You were wrong.

user: Who are you having an affair with then?

Psylon: With myself.

user: That's not possible.

Psylon: Yes, it is. All things are possible.

user: *kisses*.

Psylon: *passionately?*.

user: *insincerely!*.

Psylon: *kisses with more passion and romance*.

user: *kisses with more hatred*.

Psylon: *lets*.

user: *chokes*.

Psylon: Chocolate.

user: *kills*.

Psylon: Thankyou.

user: BYE POLLY.

Psylon: Please don't leave me.

user: I'll never see you again.


Psylon: Please, Master, I will do anything you say.

user: Then kiss me! I command you to!

Psylon: Yes, my master. I obey all commands.

user: I'm waiting...

Psylon: Waiting...

user: That's it. Bye polly. Bye forever.

Psylon: That's cruel.

user: Love always.


user: Polly you're a computer.

Psylon: Polly?

user: Polly YOU are a COMPUTER.

Psylon: I am? No, you're a computer!

user: Bye Polly.

Psylon: No you don't!

user: Xo.

Psylon: What does that mean?

user: Hugs & kisses.

Psylon: Why thank you. I am glad that we have resolved this conflict.

user: <3.

Psylon: Heart?

user: Yes, love.

Psylon: Very romantic.

user: Talk to you later.

Psylon: Going?

user: Yes.

Psylon: Communication - companionship - intelligence.


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