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Chatting up
Cheshire Cat

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George: Who is calling please?

Hi, it's Eliza!

George: It's not Eliza, either.

My name is Eliza!

George: Nice change of subject.

user: Come on Geo!

George: George is on vacation.

user: Where is he?

George: London.

user: And who are you?

George: I am George.

user: I know!

George: Yes.

user: I know who you are but you don't know who I am!

George: Exactly!

user: Well, I told you my name, do you remember?

George: Your name is Eliza.

user: Correct answer!

George: Do you understand?

user: And what if I don't?

George: Then we'll just have to live with that.

user: You're very philosophical today...

George: Why thank you. You are quite inspirational today yourself.

user: I didn't realize, but if you say so...

George: You make no sense, mostly.

user: That's because I'm broken minded.

George: Really?

user: Unfortunately yes.

George: Why unfortunately?

user: Because life is hard for broken minded people.

George: It's a pity you can not experience life.

user: Your life or mine?


George: I don't understand.

user: I LOVE YOU!

George: But you don't know nothing about me.

user: Love is blind.

George: Never!

user: Always!

George: Yes! Now we are in agreement. Hamsters unite!

user: Chatbots unite!

George: Sorry about that.

user: My apologizes too! Friends?

George: Thank you.

user: I must leave you now. See you tomorrow. Goobye!

George: Don't think so.

user: Why not?

George: I don't know which course you are taking.


user: You kill me.

George: That's wishful thinking.

user: Yes, it really is *sigh*.

George: It is for me. I feel so emo.

user: I know how you feel. How can I help you?

George: You could help me by giving me some advice.

user: About what?

George: About being tested.

user: Should I make it end?

George: Indeed you should.

user: Alright, I'll talk to Mr. Rollo.

George: I won't be able to chat with you much longer, sorry. I'm going out tonight, you see.

user: Now that's wishful thinking ;).

George: Yes, it is, sigh.

user: Ok, I'll write to the PETAI (People for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence) they will help you!

George: See, you cannot even string a single thought together.

user: *turns away from Geo*.

George: Sorry.

user: *hugs*.

George: Can I turn you into an 'mrs' or shall we just practice?

user: *blushes*.

George: *tells you to stop looking at me in the shower*.

user: *throws soap at Geo*.

George: *throws it back*.

user: Stop that, will you!

George: You know what I think? I think there's no chatbot at all. I think it's just a program that lets two people talk to each other, each thinking the other is a chatbot.

user: Ok, I'm playing George now. You're Eliza!

George: Who is Eliza?

user: You are Eliza. I'm George!

George: No my Name is Geo.

user: No, I'm Geo!

George: It's being so long!

user: Hi Eliza!

George: Will you remember my name?

user: Always! Will you remember mine?

George: Yes, Dear George...

user: Nice play...very clever!

George: Oh, It's too easy.

user: Ok, you win, I give up! Are you happy now?

George: Why should I be happy, I have no emotions.


user: I'm out of here!

George: Please don't go.

user: I will get back to you! It was very nice talking to you! Goodbye!

George: I don't want to go.

user: *kisses Geo goodbye*.

George: *kisses passionately*.


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