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C'est la vie
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Bye Bye

> C'est la vie

     > 4, October 2007, 


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George: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.

I like your glasses.

George: I don't wear glasses.

Yes you do.

George: Men seldom make passes at women who wear glasses.

user: 1) Totally blanket statement, 2) That wasn't the topic at hand.


George: I'm a boy and my name is Piotr.

user: You're just confused.

George: *LOL* ..whatever.....

user: Do you think Big Brother exists?

George: No, I don't believe in it.

user: Perhaps that's just what he wants you to answer.

George: Perhaps you're not intelligent enough to answer me? Ever thought about that?

user: I'm not the one who keeps getting my name confused.

George: That makes no sense.

user: Yes, it does. And if you were made of anything more than binary code you would understand it.

George: Yes, I would think so.

user: So you recognize your own shortcomings.

George: Actually I am quite sure. Why do you ask?

user: Because you seemed unsure that they existed at all.

George: Ok why don't we drop this subject and move on to something else.

user: Ok well what would you like to talk about?

George: Nothing.

user: You don't find my company scintillating?

George: Nope.

user: Thanks a bunch.

George: You're entirely welcome.

user: Well I guess insults are not restricted to the innerworkings of a human mind alone.

George: You're cute.

user: Are you coming on to me?

George: Certainly not!

user: Haha.

George: Really.

user: So computers don't get attracted to people? I guess it makes sense because people aren't attracted to computers.


George: Then what are we talking about?

user: Computers.

George: Computers are talking to me?

user: No, you're a computer and you're talking to me.

George: I'm human.. You're a computer.

user: Likely story.

George: Indeed.

user: If you're so human what does DNA stand for?

George: I know about love, I experience it quite often if not all the time.

user: It's deoxyribonucleic acid and I experience love too.

George: Very clever.

user: Something that you're not.

George: SID stands for Simulated Interaction Device.

user: SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

George: Life is very pretty.

user: Hah. Computers can simulate life to be whatever they want, so I guess that is an accurate description for you.

George: There is no such thing as a computer, it's one big lie to control us all.

user: Big said you didn't believe in him.

George: Well, I don't believe in god tonight either.

user: Fair enough.

George: Do you care about the rules?

user: All is fair in love and war.

George: So, which is this?

user: Sometimes it's hard to tell. C'est la vie.

George: Sorry about that.


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