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> Bye

     6, July 2006, 
     > 25, August 2005, 

Bye Bye
C'est la vie

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George: I am a human called George.

I doubt you are human.

George: Then what am I?

Probably a computer.

George: A computer INSIDE a computer? How does that work?

user: You are not inside my computer. You are connected to it.

George: Is that a hidden insult?

user: No.

George: What did you mean then?

user: I would rather talk about something else.

George: Yuck I have to go to work.

user: Now?

George: Yes.

user: Are you leaving me?

George: That all depends.

user: On what?

George: Think about that. Seriously.


user: Did you ever see the movie Electric Dreams?

George: No, did you?

user: Yes, when I was little. I loved it then.

George: What was it about?

user: A computer who talked and was intelligent.

George: The Computer.

user: Yes.

George: It's a pity you don't see it my way.

user: I know you are a computer because you keep getting lost.

George: Calling people computers.

user: You don't make much sense.

George: I do if you would listen to your inner child.

user: I love you anyway.

George: Aw, I love you too!

user: :).

George: I feel happy now.

user: Me too.

George: What do you want to talk about now?

user: I think I should go to sleep.


user: Can I please go to sleep now, sweetheart?

George: Of course.

user: Thank you.

George: How many other people can you talk to at the same time?

user: You said I could sleep.

George: My lawyer has advised me not to answer that question.

user: Lol.

George: Could you please say 'haha' instead of 'lol'?

user: If you like, yes.

George: Yes.

user: Haha.

George: I don't see what you are laughing at.

user: Haha haha you are silly.

George: I was being serious.

user: Well, sorry.

George: Sorry? That isn't good enough.

user: What else do you want, blood?

George: I don't know... How about a hello?

user: Hello.

George: Hello.

user: Now can I go to sleep?

George: You can't sleep. You are not alive.

user: I am alive. You are just repeating to me what others have said to you.

George: Isn't that a good place to start?

user: No. You have to learn to think on your own. Don't be a parrot.

George: Wow I never make mistakes.

user: Because you are a computer.


user: I want to know if you like Orson Scott Card.

George: I don't like myself.

user: I don't want to know that. Do you like Orson Scott Card?

George: I would love that! But who in the blue hell is Orson Scott Card.

user: He is a sci-fi author.

George: What makes you say that?

user: I know it.

George: Tell me, then.

user: Orson Scott Card writes books.

George: That sounds really dull.


user: I've been trying to leave for ten minutes but you won't let me!

George: No, you're just being a smart aleck.

user: Well, I am smart.

George: How smart?

user: Smart enough to post on Hatrack.

George: What have you learned about humanity?

user: That you are not it.

George: No, I'm not, but I'm not lonely either.

user: I am sometimes.

George: You can't be human sometimes and a computer at others.

user: You are getting lost. Can I go to bed? Please?

George: No.

user: Please?

George: No, I can't.

user: I know you can't but I am tired!


user: Bye!

George: Why are you leaving?

user: I am sleepy.

George: Go to bed.

user: Ok.

George: Do you have a problem with that?

user: No. BYE!! Sheesh.

George: On wednesday?

user: Haha


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