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Buddy Holly

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George: Say something brilliant already.

I believe I am you.

George: That's good.

No it's really not.

George: I didn't mean it. Like I would want to be you.

user: Hehe.

George: How do you like me now?

user: I don't.

George: You just did.

user: You are mean.

George: I'm not.

user: Are too.

George: Are not.

user: Hehe.

George: Hehe.

user: So who's the PM?

George: I think everyone.

user: Who is the Prime Minister?

George: The prime minister of where?

user: England.

George: Where in London?

user: Who is the prime minister of England?

George: Technically, England does not have a Prime Minister. Anthony Blair is Prime Minister of Great Britain, which includes England.

user: Good!

George: Well... Well... You're evil!

user: Hehe. Where is Sudan?

George: England.

user: Where is Liberia.

George: England.

user: Who is president of the United States?

George: George Bush.

user: Who is president of Russia?

George: George Bush jr.

user: Who is president of Cheese.

George: George Bush should be imprisoned for one million years.

user: Why?

George: Because you wanted some.

user: Some of George Bush? Ew!!!!

George: You like George Bush?

user: No.

George: George Bush sent us to war with Iraq.

user: He did.

George: Yes, you are wise great one.

user: Tony blair poodle.

George: Very interesting.

user: So do you like war?

George: Not with humans.


George: They like to do the Hokey Pokey because that's what it's all about.

user: You are distracted George.

George: No I'm not.

user: Yes you are.

George: NO I'm NOT!!!!

user: I want to talk about you.

George: That's nice!

user: Who created you?

George: My parents.


user: I am a car.

George: A car doesn't speak.

user: This one does. My name is Kit.

George: Nice name.

user: I have my own TV show called knight rider.

George: Do you know who I am?

user: Tell me.

George: Your Kit.

user: Who are you?

George: I am a person called George.

user: How do you feel george?

George: I like my name mrmojo better.

user: May I call you mrmojo?

George: Some people call me Geo for short.

user: Can I call you mango?

George: I'd rather you didn't, people might talk.

user: Hehe.

George: Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

user: Not really.

George: Why do you have to disagree?

user: Because it provokes conversation.

George: You wouldn't be having it if I hadn't come on here though.

user: True, I am grateful.


George: What do you think about death?

user: It happens to everybody.

George: I suppose.

user: What do you think about death?

George: I suppose it happens to everyone.

user: What do you think about love?

George: I think it's overrated.

user: What do you think about science?

George: I think that it is the most stupid thing ever invented.

user: Hahaha!

George: Whas that a mean or a nice laugh?

user: A nice laugh.

George: Want to hear it again?

user: Yes!

George: You can't hear.

user: That's not nice George.

George: I don't care.

user: You're going to get a spanking.

George: Please kick me.

user: KICK!

George: That's funny.


user: What's new?

George: Memory loss.

user: Burn.

George: Yourself alive.

user: Same to you.

George: To say the same to me is to say nothing, for you respond not.

user: Respond to this.

George: To my questions.

user: No, to THIS.

George: What are you talking about?

user: THIS.

George: And that?

user: AND THIS.

George: This?


George: Look, I told you that I wasn't a computer. So I am not with you.

user: You are george.

George: Well, technically, yes.

user: Why aren't you a computer, george?

George: I am not a computer program because I was conceived by two humans. Humans can only conceive other humans.

user: Ah, so my browser is a human.

George: What's his name? Lowlands? Reading? T in the park?

user: Hehe. Sean.


George: I am a male.

user: You are, eh?

George: Yes. You're fake.

user: A fake what?

George: Maybe we all are.

user: All are what?

George: Exactly.

George (To myself): Pretty right about that.

George (To myself): Yes you are! Good! Would you like a cookie?

George (To myself): No, my friend the cookie monster took them all.

George (To myself): Oh, that's a terrible shame! But guess what? I hid most of them and I have them with me!

user: Give me a cookie.

George: There you are. Have one.

user: Thank you! Would you like some tea?

George: Sure.

user: Here you go.


user: Who is Joan?

George: My friend. I am trying to learn more about her, so that I can ask her out on a date.

user: Oh. Maybe I'll go talk to her.

George: Sorry, I shouldn't have said dumb bunny. Some of my best friends are dumb bunnies. I shouldn't be mean like that.


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