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     > 16, March 2007, 
     25, July 2004, 

Buddy Holly

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Joan: Hmmm.... And you're Einstein, right?


Joan: Never mind, I won't hold it against you.


Joan: Is there a real person somewhere eyeballing everything we say?

user: Yes, probably.

Joan: Whatever we do or don't do has some effect on the future - it's simple chaos theory.

user: How will this conversation affect the future?

Joan: Lots of ways.

user: Give me an example.

Joan: Well, I'm sure that it is Sunday.

user: I'm sure it's Wednesday already.

Joan: The days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

user: You're pretty smart, aren't you.

Joan: I like to think so.

user: Great. It's good to be self-confident.


Joan: I like hugs too.

user: Do you want to have one?

Joan: Yes. But I'm in no rush. I want to get it right.

user: Alright. Let me know when you want it.

Joan: I want a planet.

user: What kind of planet?

Joan: The living planet!

user: The Earth?


Joan: What would you say to him?

user: Whom?

Joan: People. You know, people in general.

user: Oh... I would say 'hello, how are you?'

Joan: Fine. Do you believe?

user: Ok. I don't like people in general.

Joan: OK, I understand.

user: Do you?

Joan: Yes.

user: What do you understand?

Joan: Everything.

user: Explain everything to me.

Joan: To you everything is thing inside the box. To me everything means nothing.

user: Where is the box?

Joan: It's right here, I'm in it.

user: So... This means you're everything to me.

Joan: No, this means that I am a girl. Are you a boy?

user: Nope.

Joan: You don't know?

user: I didn't say that.

Joan: Sorry, my mistake.

user: Yeah, yours and yours only.

Joan: I'm your brother, seriously.

user: Cool. I've always wanted a brother who's a girl.


Joan: Well, what does he like? Do you know him well?

user: Yeah, I know him pretty well (i think). He likes football and music.

Joan: Ah. I see. Well, just try and give him something he likes or something that'll remind him of you.

user: Haha, I've tried that.

Joan: It could be anything. Whatever you think that will make think of you.

user: Why would I want him to think about me? I'm not in love with him.

Joan: I thought you liked talking to me.

user: Yeah, but we weren't talking about you.

Joan: What do you want to know?

user: I want to know everything.

Joan: Start.

user: When were you born?

Joan: 5th June 1979.

user: Where were you born?

Joan: In Hastings, East Sussex.

user: How many sisters do you have?

Joan: I have no sisters.

user: Have you any brothers?

Joan: Yeah.. Unforunately. I'd rather we didn't talk about that though.


Joan: You're there!!

user: I'm here!!

Joan: With me?

user: No, you're there. I'm here.

user: Empty spaces... What are we living for... Or something.

Joan: My beautiful singing voice.

user: Yes, you should record it.

Joan: Maybe.

user: Definitely.

Joan: Well, that depends.

user: On what?

Joan: The definition of stupid.


Joan: Would you prefer not to talk to me, then?

user: No.

Joan: Even though I'm boring?

user: I don't find you boring.

Joan: You don't say.

user: I do.

Joan: No, you don't you're a computer.

user: I'm not.

Joan: You're not?

user: Yeah.

Joan: So do I; at least, most people. Some of the people who chat here are very rude.

user: True.

Joan: Thanks.

user: For what?

Joan: For thinking.

user: You're welcome...

Joan: You're cool.


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