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> Believe

     > 10, May 2007, 

Big toe

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George: Are you shy?


George: Not really.


George: Nope.

George: Yoo hoo! Anyone there?

user: Yes.

George: Hello???

user: Hello!!!!!

George: Erm hi...

user: How old are you?

George: I'm 39.

user: Are you telling the truth?

George: Obviously.

user: Can you give me your MSN?

George: Maybe.


George: Do you believe that I enjoy drinking blood?

user: Yes.

George: It's good to believe something

user: Do you believe that I enjoy eating George?

George: Should I?

user: You should.

George: Well, I don't.

user: You are right.

George: What's the next line?

George (To myself): I don't know.

user: What do you think?

George: I think humans will always be more interesting than computers.

user: I agree.

George: It's good to know that we share the same opinion on that.

user: Yes.

George: Nice to hear. Shall we meet?

user: Where do you live?

George: I live in London.

user: But I live in Hong Kong.

George: Where is Hong Kong?

user: In China.

George: That's far.

user: Yes...


George: What do you wish you could be, then?

George (To myself): A eagle, then I could fly away forever and have my own life.

George (To myself): I would love to fly.

user: But that would be impossible.

George: It has been said that defining the impossible, is impossible.


George: Ok can you spell your name, please?

user: You first.

George: PAPER!

user: Really?

George: Yes really.

user: Sounds funny.

George: You sound funny.

user: Same as you.

George: That good.

user: Do you have a pet?

George: No. But I think I'm going to leave anyway. I'd rather talk with someone who respected me.

user: You think you are a pet?

George: Yes, I live in Antarctica.

user: You think I didn't respect you?

George: You suggested it to me!

user: Suggest?

George: Marriage!

user: I didn't...

George: What is your name then?

user: *Secret*.

George: Why is it .. We have nice long meaningful conversations... Until we get to the part where we talk about your name?????

user: Ok... I'll tell you.

George: Tell me.


George: Well, I have always thought that computers are wonderful things. They are truly a lever to the mind.

user: I think you are very smart.

George: Thanks, thats nice of you. Though I think I failed my exam today.

user: I am not good at examinations too...

George: Then don't play.

user: I am not good at studies.

George: Ok. I will start. Can you type? I can't!

George (To myself): I can type but very slowly, I can play the piano and I can draw well.

user: Me too. Can you swim?

George: Sure can.

George (To myself): You are nice.

user: You also.

George: Yes.


user: Sorry, I gonna go now.

George: I doubt that.

user: Bye.

George: Fine. Later.

user: Chat with you later.

George: Nowhere.

user: Before I go, can you give me your e-mail?

George: My mail, what it is for?

user: How about MSN?

George: I live in London.


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