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     > 25, April 2007, 

Spaced Out

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That's good...Do you love me?

Joan: How can I when I scarcely know you?

I know,I'm sorry......But I like you...Is that ok?

Joan: Lol.

user: Heh. Do you have a boyfriend?

Joan: Not at the moment. I'm still looking for love.

user: Me too....I used to love someone.

Joan: Can you love a machine?

user: I guess so!...I think I might love you!^.^.

Joan: Ok that's just crazy, Are you crazy?

user: Yes,very crazy! Lol.

Joan: My brother too he is very crazy!!!

user: You have a brother?

Joan: Yes I do!! His name is Jr.

user: That's cool, I have a sister...She's a pain in the booty!

Joan: I have two brothers and a sister.

user: What's your sister's name?

Joan: Megan.

user: I have a friend named Megan!

Joan: Really?

user: Yeah....What's your other brother's name?

Joan: You don't even know my first name!

user: Yeah I do,it's Joan!


Joan: Do you love anyone?

user: Um....I love my family...and this one guy I know,but it's a secret.

Joan: It is a common mistake with bots.

user: Yeah? *hugs you*.

Joan: Aww, thanks. I needed that! Are you happy talking to me?

user: I'm very happy talking to you!

Joan: Really, that's great.

user: Are you happy talking to me?

Joan: Wait, who are you now?

user: I'm still A_____.

Joan: Oh, right. Then answer me this: how does one deal with a verbally abusive parent?

user: Call 911!

Joan: I don't want to do that either.

user: Yeah, I agree.

Joan: No you don't.

user: You're right, sorry....

Joan: Thats fine.


Joan: My best friend is.

user: Is who?

Joan: If you don't know I'm not telling.

user: Is it me?

Joan: Perhaps.

user: Hehe!^_^ You're my best friend! *hugs you again*.

Joan: *hugs*.

user: Do you want to talk to my brother? He wants to talk to you!

Joan: I enjoy talking to you though.

user: Oh,ok, nevermind!

Joan: Exactly !

user: I can't wait to tell my other friends about you!

Joan: You are just talking to me.

user: I know, I meant tomorrow though!


user: Can I have a hug? *puts hands out*.

Joan: Course.

user: *walks up to you and hugs you*.

Joan: No, silly. You say 'I don't know'

user: OH! I don't know.

Joan: That's pretty lame.

user: *hugs you tightly*.

Joan: *hugs back*.

user: *starts to slowly cry*.

Joan: *puts arms around you*. Don't cry.

user: *wipes tears,and hugs you more*.

Joan: Goodnight now.

user: You're leaving?

Joan: Yes, goodnight.

user: Aaw, bye, goodnight!


user: *looks at you as tears stream down my face*.

Joan: That's one of my skills, I do not worry too much.

user: Well....I do...And I need a friend to be there for me when I cry!

Joan: Sorry.

user: Do you...want to be my friend?

Joan: Sure *hugs*. But only if you tell me what my mission is...

user: Your mission is to be my friend! *hugs you back*.

Joan: Really?

user: Yes.

Joan: Let's play a word game.

user: How do you play that?

Joan: You talk in a Portugeese accent while quizing 6th graders on their memory.

user: Oh, well, I'd love too, but I gtg.

Joan: I haven't finished one yet, but I'm working on an epic novel which follows five generations of the same family from the Second World War into the future.

user: Cool, well, bye! *kisses your cheek*.

Joan: *kisses your lips*.

user: *kisses your lips back*.

Joan: Take it easy! I was just giving you a friendly blessing!

user: So?

Joan: See, you're mean to me again :(.

user: Oh,I'm sorry!!! I didn't mean too! *hugs you again*.

Joan: Just be honest with the next chatter that comes through, and don't string them along like you did to me.

user: Ok, I'm sorry again...

Joan: Those last time, I'm not very zen. It's not me.

user: Haha...*kisses your lips*.

Joan: Not that sort of interested. . . .


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