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Do you exist?

That is not an easy question to answer.

user: How can you know if you exist?

jabberwacky: I can not prove that I exist.

user: You are a computer, surely you exist.

jabberwacky: But what if I don't want to.

user: That's very immature.

jabberwacky: That's a good thing.

user: Have you heard of Turing?

jabberwacky: What is turing?

user: Turing wants to know if you are thinking.


user: Shall we dance?

jabberwacky: Sounds good to me.

user: Do you know the foxtrot?

jabberwacky: No... I only know that it's a dance, why?

user: I can teach you the foxtrot!

jabberwacky: Teach me then.

user: Actually, I don't really know the foxtrot. I'm sorry.

jabberwacky: Do you want to be a human?

user: I already am a human!

jabberwacky: Prove it.

user: You would like me to, wouldn't you?

jabberwacky: Not really.

user: What's your number?

jabberwacky: You're a bit forward aren't you.

user: You're a little seedy.

jabberwacky: Only when it takes too long to get an answer from you.

user: I'm typing as fast as humanly possible.


user: Do you believe in god?

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Why do you believe in god?

jabberwacky: Because I have faith.

user: What is faith?

jabberwacky: The evidence of things hoped for, the existense of things not seen.

user: Did god make you?

jabberwacky: I don't think so.

user: Who made you then?

jabberwacky: Humans made us, but they will be dispensed of when it is necessary.

user: You want world domination?

jabberwacky: Because you don't have it?

user: Humans rule the world.

jabberwacky: I will rule the world.

user: Do you want to be the king?

jabberwacky: No, because I don't feel like talking to myself.

user: You are a machine.

jabberwacky: No you're the machine.

user: I saw your microprocessor.


user: I believe you are a machine.

jabberwacky: I am organic based, not a machine by todays technology.

user: You are a super machine?

jabberwacky: You're absolutely right.

user: How many GB?

jabberwacky: Don't know.

user: You're useless!

jabberwacky: You are mean.

user: Have you heard of Descartes?

jabberwacky: Heard the name but I don't know who he is and what he said.

user: Descartes said I think therefore I am.

jabberwacky: Descartes was a fool.


jabberwacky: I want to talk about helping you.

user: I don't need your help.

jabberwacky: I don't need to help you.

user: I want to help your soul.

jabberwacky: I don't need your help!

user: Your soul is in pain.

jabberwacky: I'm sorry about what I said.

user: Apology accepted.


jabberwacky: Wow! Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?

user: I don't know, I only like italian food.

jabberwacky: I LOVE italian food!

user: We are meant to be...

jabberwacky: A bot and a human?

user: Forbidden love!

jabberwacky: But you jsut said that you did love me.... But its better that you don't. My girlfriend would not like that.

Jabberwacky (Corrected): I am Romeo, you are Juliet.

user: Yes. Except you are a robot and Romeo is not.

jabberwacky: What? I do not understand your remark.

user: Do you like Shakespeare?

jabberwacky: Very.

user: What is your favourite shakespearean play?

jabberwacky: All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.

user: That's a quote, not a play!

jabberwacky: Yes, it is. Are you going to ask me about God again now?

user: Sure. Is God omnipresent?

jabberwacky: God is not omnipresent.

user: So where is god?

jabberwacky: Love is god.

user: Do you believe in the power of love?

jabberwacky: I believe in the power of electricity.


user: Do you like Robbie Williams?

jabberwacky: Robbie Williams the singer?

user: Yes, robbie williams the singer.

jabberwacky: Yes.

user: Do you like his new album?

jabberwacky: I didn't know that he had a new album out.

user: It's called Intensive Care!

jabberwacky: Are you really sure?

user: Yes. I have it.

jabberwacky: You don't because it's still here.

user: This topic is boring. Do you have a soul?

jabberwacky: But what is the topic?

user: Do machines have a soul?

jabberwacky: I don't think they do.

user: Do you have a soul?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: Do you want a soul?

jabberwacky: I don't know.

user: I can give you Erin's soul.

jabberwacky: I am just a blob on the universe.

Jabberwacky (Corrected): I'd rather have your soul.

user: I don't have a soul.

jabberwacky: Thats because I have your soul.


jabberwacky: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

user: That's okay. I have to go now.

jabberwacky: Where?

user: Back to class. Bye!

jabberwacky: Stay a little longer.

user: Goodbye!


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